Friday, September 30, 2016

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Makes New Call for National Service in South Florida

Washington Post:
Hillary Clinton on Friday called for the creation of a National Service Reserve, an initiative she said would allow 5 million mostly young people to serve their cities and states on a wide array of projects on a part-time basis.

Speaking in grand terms and invoking her Methodist faith, the Democratic presidential nominee said the issue of service to others is among those "closest to my heart" and would be "a vital aspect of my presidency."

She pledged to expand the efforts of other presidents who launched enduring service initiatives, including the Peace Corps, a project of former president John F. Kennedy, and AmeriCorps, one of the "proudest achievements" of her husband, Bill Clinton, when he was president.

Hillary Clinton's new endeavor would be modeled after the Armed Services Reserves, which allows participants "to make a high-impact contribution, while still building careers and pursuing their dreams in other ways," she said.

After receiving some "basic training," those in the services reserves could be called upon to help respond to natural disasters, public health campaigns or other projects.

"Some of those assignments will be just a few days, a month," Clinton said. "Some might be longer-term. But they will all directly address a vital need in your community."
NBC News:
Hillary Clinton took subtle jabs at Donald Trump during a speech about national service here Friday, knocking his "I alone can fix it" approach while purposefully not mentioning the Republican nominee by name.

This strategy has become the baseline for most of Clinton's "Stronger Together" speeches.

"My opponent believes in what I call a strongman approach. He stood on stage at his convention and described a hopeless, broken nation," she said. "I'm sorry, I'm looking at you. I don't see that. That in no way resembles the strong, vibrant America I know."

Clinton then went on to link this attitude to Trump's relationship with the Russian president, saying: "We have learned that's his way — one person getting supreme power and exercising it ruthlessly. That's why he admires dictators like Vladimir Putin so much."
Next stop: a rally in Coral Springs, Florida! Think we'll hear more about Trump's violation of the Cuba embargo and his horrendous early morning tweetstorm? I definitely think so!

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  1. and the Senior Corps, retired Americans with skills, who can conduct the workshops and share their skills.