Friday, September 16, 2016

VIDEO: First Lady Michelle Obama Campaigns For Hillary Clinton

Want to feel inspired today? Here you go!

Michelle Obama on Friday implored a college audience to support Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, saying that “being president isn't anything like reality TV.”...
...Obama praised Clinton’s resilience after losing the 2008 Democratic primary and her long history of public service. She said she was “inspired by her persistence and her consistency, by her heart and her guts.”

“Hillary is one of the few people on this entire planet, and clearly the only person in this race that has any idea what this job entails,” Obama said. “Who has seen it from every angle, hear me, the staggering stakes, the brutal hours, the overwhelming stresses. And here’s the thing: She still wants to take it on.”

...“I hear folks saying they don't feel inspired in this election. Well let me tell you, I disagree. I am inspired,” she said. “Because for eight years, I’ve had the privilege to see what it takes to actually do this job, and here is what I absolutely know for sure. Listen to this: Right now we have an opportunity to elect one of the most qualified people who has ever endeavored to become president.”

Ticking off Clinton’s career history, starting with lawyer and ending with secretary of state, the first lady punctuated the list by loudly asking the crowd, “do you hear me?” She repeated her earlier line, that Clinton is the most qualified candidate ever to run for the White House, adding her own applause line: “And yes, she happens to be a woman.”

“So we cannot afford squander this opportunity,” the first lady said. “Particularly given the alternative.”
Of all the Clinton surrogates, the First Lady might just be the best and most effective.

So please clear your schedule until November 8th, Michelle...we need you!

Watch the amazing speech above.

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1 comment:

  1. I really wonder now about all my fellow progressives who were glad to hold Hillary to an impossible standard, even while warning us about Trump, and gave some credence to the false charges that were all debunked, as if where there was smoke, as if there were ever smoke. I know it's traditional for liberals to bash other liberals, but, how irresponsible, traditional or not

    Michelle never did that, and neither did Barack. Bill Clinton has never turned on a fellow liberal in his entire life...

    and they're the ones out there trying to correct the record they had no part in distorting.

    go figure

    Thank you, Michelle, for always being true