Monday, September 26, 2016

VIDEO: Chelsea Clinton at Michigan State University (9/22/16)

Photo courtesy HFA
Chelsea Clinton on Thursday night spoke at Michigan State University to a room of hundreds about the burden of crippling student debt and the opioid epidemic plaguing the country.

She made her pitch in the university’s Student Union to the younger crowd on behalf of her mother, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, saying she’s the only candidate passionate about doing something for those saddled with debt or addiction.

“I’m really really proud to be her daughter,” she said. “But I’d like to think, even if I weren’t her daughter, I would be just as passionate about her campaign and just as excited to vote for her.”

Chelsea Clinton discussed her mom’s “new college compact” plan to make college more affordable and grant free tuition for students at community college. She also touched on plans meant to stymie opioid addiction consistent with broader political discussions underway in Michigan and elsewhere.

“No one should die of an overdose in the 21st century,” she said.

She said Hillary Clinton supports having income-based student debt repayment options, and said no graduates should have to pay more than 10 percent of their income, an option available for some borrowers. Clinton wants to expand income-based repayment options and cap repayment at 10 percent of borrowers’ income for all student debt holders.

Thursday night’s visit to MSU is part of a two-day campaign trip to Michigan. She spoke at a Grand Rapids art gallery earlier Thursday afternoon and plans to be in Flint on Friday for a briefing on the beleaguered city’s ongoing water crisis, according to the Clinton campaign.

After a few brief remarks about college affordability and addiction, Clinton opened up for a question-and-answer session with people in the crowd.
Sure, Hillary has Tim Kaine, the Obamas, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Bill to back her up on the campaign trail...but we mustn't forget Chelsea! She's one of the best campaigners out there, and she's aiming for millennials!

Watch the full event here:

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