Sunday, September 11, 2016

VIDEO: Bill Clinton Speaks in Pittsburgh (9/9/16)
Speaking to a crowd of roughly 500 people in Homewood, former President Bill Clinton celebrated the audience's diversity, while calling for unity behind the presidential campaign of his wife, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

"Don't substitute anger for answers," he said at the Greater Pittsburgh Coliseum, referring to what he called a divisive message from Republican nominee Donald Trump. “Don't substitute resentment for responsibility. Remember, empowerment comes from being stronger together. We can do it. You can do it. But Hillary, to do it, has to win Pennsylvania, and that's you."

During his 35-minute speech, Mr. Clinton mixed a folksy appeal -- at one point he referred to the winter temperatures of the outhouse he used as a child -- with Clintonian wonkishness on policy. Mostly, though, he portrayed Democrats as offering a more expansive view of the country and its future than Mr. Trump's pledge to "Make America Great Again."

"Hey folks, I'm a white Southerner. I know exactly what [that promise] means," he said, suggesting it was an attempt to assure white Americans that they'd be restored to the top of "the totem pole."

But, he said, "saying 'I'll make it great the way it was 50 years ago' ignores two things." One, that "It wasn't so great for some people" -- including racial minorities and LGBT Americans. And second, "Saying 'I'll make it the way it used to be' is like me saying I'd like to be 20 again. I would actually, but I wouldn't vote for anybody who promised to make me 20 again."
Watch the full speech above.

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  1. Bill Clinton: the case for sweet

    Bill has universal appeal, it's something he's always had, and sadly women can't have it, however kindly and generous of spirit we may be. Hillary is nothing if not kind and generous of spirit, but we can't have universal appeal, we just have to live with that.

    Blame mom is the universal, mom is the one who ought to have gotten there in time, ought to have known, she has eyes in the back of her head, she ought to have stopped us.

    But Bill shows how it's done: he never excludes anyone, he assumes we're all on the same human side, the side of doing our best, trying our hardest.

    If he assumes the American people also want the best for everyone, when that isn't always true, he at least speaks to the truth of our higher angels, of our best selves.

    He takes the trouble to reason things through, to point out how people get fooled without making them wrong for being fooled in the first place. He never talks down, he doesn't judge, he just reasons and then reasons some more.

    If he gets angry, it's an angry among equals, it's not parental anger. It shows when his feelings are hurt, when he thinks he or Hillary have been unjustly accused.

    He doesn't get huffy and superior and close it down with righteousness, he's willing to go on and on and on, he never gives up on his belief he can convince others by talking truth.

    His kindness shows, and that's universal appeal, and why he was forgiven by Hillary, first of all, and by all of America, for being human, forgiven for being one of us.

  2. She got pneumonia, they caught it fast. It isn't age related, she came into contact with someone who coughed on her. And since she has allergies anyway, she was a waiting petri dish.

    In Japan they wear face masks, to avoid that risk.

    Now she has to be on antibiotics, and she'll have to rest and drink liquids, but she won't get the chance to be bored.

    What a bother, she hates being sick.

  3. I watched the news reports, that makes sense that her opponents hoped there would be no explanation, to feed speculation, rather than a communicable disease that has a complete cure.

    but I feel bad for her, catching something at the beginning of the season.

    She always surprises me, and I find myself wondering how she'll stay involved, while having to rest and drink liquids and get better.

    I was thinking, maybe she'll do 'the pneumonia chats,' and chat up guests about their wonky subjects, pick their brains a bit. While drinking tea (she has to drink liquids). Maybe pod them.

    spending quality 'get well soon' time.