Wednesday, September 7, 2016

VIDEO: Bill Clinton Speaks at Labor Day Picnic in Cincinnati (9/5/16)

There was so much going on Monday that we're still catching up! Following an appearance earlier in the day in Detroit, President Bill Clinton went to Cincinnati for another Labor Day speech:
If Donald Trump is winning over the working class, it certainly wasn't evident among the thousands of Greater Cincinnati union workers who gathered to hear Bill Clinton speak at Monday's annual Labor Day picnic.

No sign of Trump T-shirts or buttons around Coney Island. No pro-Trump chants were blurted out as the former president implored the sweaty masses to vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton, who is locked in a tight battle for Ohio with the Republican presidential nominee.

The biggest response from the crowd – which included many people wearing T-shirts representing unions for pipefitters, bus drivers, electricians and public-works employees – came when Clinton closed his speech. He took a subtle dig at Trump, whose criticism of Muslims, illegal immigrants and others has been viewed by some as dividing the country.

"We don’t need anger. We need answers," Clinton said. "We don't need resentment. We need empowerment. Please, give us another 1992. Give us another 1996. Give us another 2012 when (Ohio) came through for President Obama. And give us the next great chapter in American greatness."
Clearly, Bill is fired up and ready to go in the homestretch! He's going to be an incredible asset over the next two months.

But before moving on to the next stop, he just had to stop for a frozen treat:

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