Wednesday, September 28, 2016

VIDEO: Bill Clinton in Cleveland (9/27/16)
Former President Bill Clinton on Tuesday showed that he knows a thing or two about campaigning as he stumped for his wife, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

She has not been in Ohio since Labor Day — about three weeks. Instead, she has sent several high-profile surrogates, including her husband, her running mate Tim Kaine and U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders. At the same time, the Clinton campaign has also deployed a hodgepodge of celebrities and actors to the Buckeye State.

After a strong debate performance on Monday, she campaigned in North Carolina on Tuesday, where the race is deadlocked, and sent a postcard to Ohio voters in the form of her husband, a former president who won the Buckeye State twice.

Bill Clinton, who made an appearance in Toledo earlier Tuesday, rallied the Cuyahoga County Democratic base inside Ginn Academy, Ohio's only all-male public high school and pushed voter registration. Clinton talked up his wife's experience and ran through the list of his wife's policies: invest in infrastructure and the economy. Make attending public universities debt-free for students whose families make up to $125,000.

He spoke for about 30 minutes, and delivered a folksy plea asking Clevelanders to register to vote. The former president made this election about the voters — not the candidates. A central theme of his speech? Empowerment.

"This election is about you and your future and you need to claim it," he said.

Clinton declared his wife the winner of the first presidential debate and couldn't mask his delight. In the same breath, he stressed the importance of the American electorate and Ohio.

"Anybody watch that debate last night? One down two to go but it doesn't matter unless we win the election and that's up to you. It is up to Ohio," he said.
Watch the first First Gentleman's full speech above! Video of his rally in Toledo the same day can be found here.

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  1. it's great to see Bill, and he loves campaigning for her, 'splaining why we need her.

    I have zero doubt that Hillary could have beaten any of them, she didn't need a trump; a cruz or a rubio or a bush would have had no better chance, but she would have campaigned differently, it would have been just on what direction the country should take, on investing in rich americans by cutting their taxes even more vs. investing in real Americans and actually growing the economy for everyone. Would have been interesting.

    But maybe we have Trump because Hillary is a girl, and it's about misogyny.

    All three of his wives have been beauties, and his two daughters are very thin. He seems to prefer the tall blond son who looks more like him, over the one with his name who doesn't look at all like him.

    And his current wife is objectively the most beautiful of his wives and daughters, and he got her when he was the richest.

    When she came out before the debate, I just saw her as a pretty woman.

    But, after the miss piggy/miss housekeeping, and the look on his face, and the hissing 'where did you here that,' as if he had the power to intimidate Hillary (that was too candid, that was Donald) it showed that's the power he actually has with his daughters, and with his wife.

    It's seems from observation clear to me that Ivanka dislikes Melania, and sees her as a stupid housekeeper whose only value is beauty. And Donald seemed pissed at her, after she had used Michelle Obama's words. And she really didn't know it was wrong, she didn't go very far in school, but that isn't the big deal in Slovenian education, students are supposed to copy, and not supposed to think for themselves, so attribution isn't a concept. In her mind she did write the speech herself.

    But when it came out that Melania admires Michelle, and she'd remembered Michelle's speech, that's what enraged the Donald. Melania may have been purchased, but she didn't know that, she'd actually fallen for him, he reminds her of her dad. She doesn't speak English well enough to follow the creepier nuances.

    So when the debate was over, and she was dutifully following Donald while he bathered on after the debate, staying in her subservient place, after we'd just learned how he destroyed 18-year-old Miss Universe, it was creepy.

    I think Melania needs rescuing, it's not her fault she is gorgeous and the Donald set about to win her heart, and did. She's a nice person.

    She won't leave him until the election is over, but he's going to be fighting her for custody, he's going to make her life hell, he didn't care about his daughter with Marla, he didn't want Marla, but he won't like it when Melania leaves him, he'll feel his old man humiliation. It's now looking very sinister.

    And contrast that with Bill, imperfect Bill, and Hillary sticking with him and him being so proud of her, he's always acknowledged her skills and talents and intellect. He's never seen her as an appendage.

    This is the other contrast, and another reason why America will join Bill and vote for Hillary.