Monday, September 19, 2016

VIDEO: Bernie Campaigns For Hillary at Kent State University (9/17/16)

Hillary's friends have been out in force on her behalf recently, so today feels like a good day to catch up on the speeches. Next up: Bernie!

United States Senator Bernie Sanders spent time on the campaign trail in northeast Ohio Saturday, urging millennials to vote for Hillary Clinton in November.

Beginning at the University of Akron, Sanders eventually made his way to Kent State University, speaking to a crowd mostly made up of college students.

He talked about issues such as discrimination, climate change and paying for college. He also spoke about what’s at stake for millennials in the upcoming election.

“Every family in America that has an income of $125,000 or less, that’s 83 percent of our population, every one of those families should have the right to send their kids to public colleges [and] universities, tuition free,” Sanders said.

It’s been about two months since Sanders ended his presidential campaign and sided with Clinton, helping with her push to the White House.
Thank you, Bernie! 

And how's this for an idea: a Sanders/Warren double-bill tour of swing state college campuses next month! That could be...what's the word? Oh yeah...yuuuuuuuuge!

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