Monday, September 12, 2016

Uh-Oh, Someone's Doing Extra Debate Prep This Week

Two weeks from now, a very healthy Hillary will totally smoke Donald at the first debate. And in the aftermath, some people will realize that staying home this week to rest and do extra debate prep might have made a difference. Strange how life works out sometimes.

Pneumonia is no fun, but Hillary will recover, make the best of it, and be back better than ever in a matter of days.

Get well soon, Madam President!

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  1. that is so Hillary, to be forced to rest. I think she'd smoke him as well without restful pneumonia, but the treatment for pneumonia is anti-biotics, liquids and rest, the treatment doesn't include active campaigning. It includes not letting anyone cough on you.

    but I still want some 'pneumonia home-'n-hearth chats, is that wrong of me?

    1. Not wrong of you at all.

      BTW, don't these bozos see the obvious downside with this "Hillary is weak and dying" stuff? They are lowering the bar for her big time. When she shows up healthy and energetic at rallies and debates soon, it will be a great "comeback" story.