Friday, September 16, 2016

Trump's Final "Good Week" is Shattered. Now Let's Finish Him.

Bryan Snyder/Reuters
Well, I hope Donny enjoyed the polls over the last few days.

With today's Trump Hotel opening, sorry...event honoring, scratch that...very brief admission that President Obama was in fact born in the United States, Donald's "good week" has come crashing down...and reduced to tiny shards.

For the next several days (at minimum), Trump's racist, ridiculous, long-running and transparently false conspiracy theory about our nation's first black president will dominate the headlines. And if he was hoping the media would save him with a "both sides" angle regarding his lie that Clinton herself started the birther movement, he's got to be sorely disappointed.

The press simply isn't having it. In fact, many of them are outright pissed over today's display. We may have finally reached a true turning point, folks.
Meanwhile, simultaneously...Hillary is rebounding with renewed health and a positive message for the future.

But don't think for a second that she's going to let Donald off the hook for this outrage. She's just getting started.
As the first debate is a little over a week away, it's clear that Trump's final "good week" of the campaign is officially over. Now let's finish him and end this thing with a crushing landslide.

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  1. Trump has just proven beyond a doubt that he is the President and Commander-In-Chief we need negotiating with our allies and savaging our enemies by so effortlessly rickrolling the entire leftist media who have been trying to take him down for over a year.

    1. Interesting. Nice to know what the other side thinks.