Thursday, September 15, 2016

TEXAS BATTLEGROUND ALERT: Clinton Leads Trump by 4 Among Registered Voters in Head-to-Head Matchup!

Hillary Clinton and Julián Castro in San Antonio, October 2015

The polls showing a close presidential contest in Texas keep piling up, and this could be one of the big sleeper stories of 2016. Coming on the heels of two recent polls showing Trump with only a 6-point lead and one showing a 1-point Clinton lead comes this new survey from Texas Lyceum:

Among likely voters in the head-to-head matchup, once again we see Trump with a 6-point lead. But among the much larger sample of registered voters, Clinton leads by four!

The massive 10-point swing, and vastly different sample sizes, between registered and likely voters is striking. Is the filter too limiting...or are Texas Democrats really that apathetic about the simple but powerful act of voting? I fear the latter might be the real problem. After all, we've been told for so long that there's hardly any hope of Texas turning why should anyone be surprised if "why even bother" takes hold?

Well, the time has come for that attitude to get the boot.

Remember: Hillary Clinton said "we could win Texas" back in May and Tim Kaine said "we are serious about Texas" last month in Austin. Until we hear otherwise, let's believe them. With the Dallas Morning News' historic endorsement still ringing and a stunning lead for Hillary among Latino is the time to step up and VOTE!

Luckily, it's easy to register to vote in Texas (deadline is Oct 11) and it's even easier to actually vote thanks to the state's convenient early voting system. If you're eligible to vote in Texas, there's no good reason to sit this one out.

No excuses. No apathy. No defeatism. No letup.

The polls are saying that Hillary Clinton could win Texas...SO LET'S WIN TEXAS!

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