Thursday, September 1, 2016

PPP Poll: Solid Democratic Numbers in Presidential and Senate Swing State Races

PPP has some new swing state polling (conducted last weekend) that shows generally solid results for Clinton and Democratic Senate hopefuls. This tweet lays out the baseline results:
The numbers may have settled a bit since the convention aftermath/Trump meltdown era, but these are still solid numbers for Clinton overall. She's behind by 6 in Missouri, but she's ahead by the same amount in New I'm considering both of them swing states. She's also a little behind in Arizona, but her campaign must feel like they can win there because they're going on the airwaves. Otherwise the numbers are pretty much in line with expectations.

Now let's look at the Senate races:
And here we see another reason why the Clinton campaign is focusing on Arizona: McCain might just lose! Heck, even Missouri and North Carolina are close to flipping too. New Hampshire will be a closely fought battle, but my money is on Hassan in the end. And it's nice to see strong numbers for Feingold and McGinty. Once again it looks tough for Strickland in Ohio, but no one should write him off just yet with two months to go in a potential blue wave year.

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