Saturday, September 10, 2016

New TV Ads: "Only Way" and "Sacrifice"


  1. Donald's crowd is all upset about her characterization of his audiences, claim she'd meant half of everyone who plans to vote for him and not just those who attend his rallies. But maybe it is half of all of them. It is hard to understand outside not paying close attention to what he's been saying. How do you get people to look inside and wonder if you give them cover, if you say, 'oh, they probably have a rational reason.' But can you favor deporting immigrants just because they got in the way my grandmother got in, before there were quotas, and who've proved they deserved to have come legally but didn't have that option, and not be heartless and have way too high an opinion of your own worth?

    and saying he can't do it so it's just a way to win, does that make it okay to vote for him?

    Is 'shaking things up' an okay reason?

    Is 'the establishment brought it on themselves' an okay reason?

    there are rational reasons for Brexit, even if their racists favored it, but are there rational reasons for Donald?

  2. but there is the other half, and those are the ones who have been beaten down and insulted, and have lost their homes and their self-respect, and are in poor health and have little hope for being treated with dignity, and our side hasn't cared about them.

    Those who pay the fines for having cars that pollute, and having dogs that got out, and having parking tickets because there was no place to park to get to work, and whose fines add up and they get fined more and even jailed, and then get farther behind. We haven't spoken for them, as even liberal governors have allowed municipalities to get revenue off those least able to contribute. And have allowed their government workers to insult them.

    Liberals look down on them, for being gullible and voting against their own interests. They think they should cook at home and not eat fast food, with no clue how hard it is to survive. They should stop having children is the liberal answer.

    And they try to stand up anyway, and that's amazing and praise-worthy.

    Donald works for some of them, he speaks to their dignity by getting the same kinds of insults, but not being shamed.

    Hillary works for some of them too, Donald doesn't have them all.

    But my girl could say more. My girl could defend that part.