Tuesday, September 6, 2016

VIDEO: Joe Biden & Tim Kaine Speak at Labor Day Event in Pittsburgh (9/5/16)

NBC News:
Ahead of this city's Labor Day Parade Monday, Vice President Joe Biden sought to rally organized labor behind the campaign of Hillary Clinton, appearing alongside the man looking to take his place in Washington, Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine.

"This guy understands, he knows how to pronounce the word 'union,'" a loud, booming Biden said of Kaine. "Remember for a while there, we had Democrats that talked about organized labor. Union, union, union. Not a joke. Unions have built this country."

"Labor day is personal to me," Kaine told the crowd. "It's personal to me. I grew up in a family where my dad ran an ironworker organized welding shop in the stockyards of Kansas City, Missouri. … It was about a partnership. It was about shared prosperity. It wasn't about a CEO disconnected from the workers."

Kaine again blasted Trump for not releasing his tax returns, noting that it has been a custom for presidential candidates of the last few decades and likening Trump's actions to a job interview candidate not fulfilling the questionnaire. Trump has said he will not release his tax returns while he is under audit.

"You wouldn't hire somebody for a summer job who wouldn't answer your questions in a job interview, and he wants you to hire him to be President of the United States?" Kaine asked. "He thinks we're chumps. Donald Trump thinks he can blow this by us, that we're gullible. But I'll tell you: Pennsylvanians are not gullible. Virginians are not gullible. Americans aren't gullible."
Watch both full speeches above.

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