Monday, September 26, 2016

IT'S HERE: The First Clinton vs Trump Debate!

I don't have to tell you the importance of this evening for our nation and our world. Surely you already know, and you'll be watching. The debate will appear on all major broadcast and cable news networks at 9pm ET/8pm CT. There are also several online options including...Hillary HQ!


During and immediately after the debate, keep an eye on our Twitter feed for live reactions. Afterward, check out this homepage and our Facebook page for more reaction and analysis.

I know some people are nervous, but me personally? I'm planning for a great and very fun night.

Because Hillary was born for this moment and there's simply no way she will let us down.

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  1. it's why I love her, but this time she didn't even have to try that hard, just know him, and point out facts and stay out of the way of his implosions.

    she's just great, and that's what it takes for a woman to get that far, she has to be far better than any man could be.

    James says solid, way more than solid, it's how she got the sanctions against Iran, how she gets Republicans to work with her. Preparation is only the foundation, it's skills, that she keeps honing and will never stop honing. She has no ego, she's all for us.

    She has never topped out, she never will, she's a wonk with social skills, essentially brilliant, she sees so much and thinks so clearly.

    When she turned to the Europeans and told them, "I won't let him do that, I will make sure that we keep our word, I guarantee our good faith. Chill world, I've got this covered."

    It reminded me of my son when he was three, and he threatened to kill the ski instructor, who was tiny and blond and young, and he'd scared her with his vehemence, and I said, he can't, he's just a child, and he, yes he could, he'd come back in the middle of the night, and I told her I wouldn't let him, I would stop him, he was just a three-year-old, and he had a mommy.

    And Donald won't show up for the next one, or the one after, he hasn't the heart, or the stamina.

    Donald can't ever admit he's made a mistake, and so all she had to do was remind him of what he's said, and know he'd either double down defend it, or claim the truth lies, and then blame her.

    That was the best time I have ever had in my political voyeurism, that started in 1964, when I was seventeen and showed up at the convention in Atlantic City and volunteered. I got to hear Humphrey's 'but not goldwater' speech. it was so cool.

    Thank you Hillary, I love you, and I see your greatness, others may want to make it seem easy, but I know, you are the best of the best and could have done that to any of them, just would have been designed for whoever it was.

    Everything will get better when you're president. And funner.