Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Introducing 2016's Newest Swing State: TEXAS!

Texas. Texas? TEXAS!
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are locked in a dead heat in Texas, according to a new 50-state survey conducted by the Washington Post and the on-line polling concern, Survey Monkey.

The Post described the Texas outcome, based on a survey of more then 5,000 Texans, as the “most unexpected” in the poll, which was conducted of 74,000 registered voters nationally between Aug. 9 and Sept. 1.

The poll shows Clinton leading Trump in Texas by one point — 46 to 45 percent.
Just one recent poll showing Clinton leading in Texas? Sure. But it was a big one, and it comes on the heels of a PPP poll from a couple of weeks ago that had Trump ahead by only six points.

But okay, these are just a couple of polls. To really tell which states the Clinton campaign may consider "swingy", it's better to keep an eye on where they commit their precious time and resources. And guess where that's happening today?
In addition to Kaine's "serious about Texas" remark in Austin last month and Hillary saying "we could win Texas" back in May, the campaign is now having official events in Dallas. So there's that.

Also today, this earthquake just occurred:

Whether or not the Morning News endorses Clinton or Gary Johnson remains to be seen (UPDATE...IT'S HILLARY!), but coming on the heels of the Houston Chronicle's Clinton endorsement a month ago, this is a major blow to Trump.

Maybe the idea of Texas joining Georgia and Arizona as the newest swing state still seems a little crazy to some. That's certainly understandable considering the state's very red status for decades. But Hillary Clinton and her campaign are certainly paying attention, and there are hints that the voters of Texas are receptive to her message.

And with Donald Trump as her opponent...anything is possible.

As always, stay tuned...

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  1. Texas has a lot of "normal" Republicans, but this is also Hispanic voter-registration.

  2. I got to read it first here, before it hit cable news.

    there is a big disconnect between me and what I am told I am feeling.

    I am so seriously thrilled that she's at last running for president, and we'll be able to watch 8 more years of smarts in the oval office.

    Scan (Scott) coined "Hill Yes" and now you can get it on a button, Hill Yes!

    1. I'm not sure I actually came up with "#HillYes" but I certainly helped to popularize it here and over at Daily Kos shortly before the campaign started using it. Take it for what it's worth! Thanks for the readership and comments, anni!