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Hillary News & Views 9.6.16: The Post-Labor Day Blitz Begins!

Hillary speaks in Hampton, Illinois (AndyAbetya/Quad-City Times)

Hi all! Lysis is needing a day off so I'll be handling today's HNV. It was a very busy Labor Day with the good guys spread out all over the map. This is just the beginning, and the Obamas will also be joining in on the fun before long. Exciting times! Hang onto somethin'!

Cleveland, OH:
Hillary Clinton for the first time at a public event on Monday reacted to Donald Trump's trip to Mexico and his sweeping immigration speech, telling a charged up crowd in Cleveland that it was "even more evidence that Trump is temperamentally unfit and totally unqualified to be president."
"In just a few hours he managed to turn his trip to Mexico into an embarrassing international incident. He even got into a Twitter war with the President of Mexico and then he delivered his most hate-filled hard lined speech yet, doubling down on his absurd plans to send a deportation force to round up 16 million people to deport them. You can't make this stuff up can you," she said.

Clinton added, "He can try to distract with divisive, dangerous rhetoric. He can try to fool voters into thinking somehow he's not as harsh and inhumane as he seems but it's too late. When you see what he has said and done in this campaign. When you see that he can't even go to a foreign country without getting into a public feud with the president, I think the answer is clear. Donald Trump does not have the temperament to be our commander-in-chief."

This was Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine's first joint event together since their bus tour after the convention that went across Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Sen. Kaine responded to comments from Donald Trump at a roundtable in Cleveland earlier Monday where the Republican nominee said, "and she looks presidential, fellas, okay. Hillary Clinton would be a disaster." Kaine mistook Trump's comments for being a tweet.

"Can I tell you something that really made me mad today? Donald Trump put out a tweet today about our nominee for president and the tweet essentially said, 'She doesn't look presidential, does she, fellas?' Listen to that again, listen to that again. This is what he said: 'She doesn't look presidential, does she, fellas?' 'Does she, fellas?' Here's my prediction: at the end of the second term of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump will still be saying that very same thing as he's hawking bottled water somewhere and we've forgotten that he ever ran for President of the United States."
Detroit, MI:
Former President Bill Clinton used the Labor Day parade in Detroit to remind people of the prosperity that existed when he was president and said that will continue if his wife – Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton – is elected on Nov. 8.

“I know the last time we had the same economic policies that (Donald Trump) is recommending -- cut the taxes like crazy on the richest people in America, double the debt and have no money left over to invest, stop regulating financial institutions, repeal the health care law with nothing to replace it, stop enforcing all these environment laws, global warming is a hoax invented by China -- the last time we did that kind of stuff, it didn’t work out so well for us,” Clinton told a couple of hundred people who attended a picnic after the parade at the UAW’s Solidarity House in Detroit.

He reminded the UAW members, as well as thousands of people who swarmed him as he walked in the Labor Day parade toward Hart Plaza, that under eight years of his presidency, more jobs were created, the budget was balanced and incomes rose for all levels of society.
He criticized Trump for a trip to Mexico last week that started out well, but turned into a loud and angry anti-immigrant speech that night in Arizona.

“It’s tempting to run this campaign on Mr. Trump’s greatest hits, there is so much material and so little time,” Clinton said.

“But you cannot be a leader of a country and go down and be nice to people and then come home and dump on them for your own political benefit,” he added. “That’s a killer.”

He also dumped on Trump for his record at Trump University, for getting involved in a condo development in Florida in which people were bilked out of their investments and his constant bashing of the Clinton Foundation, when at the same time Trump was fined for using some of his foundation money to contribute to a political campaign.
Pittsburgh, PA:
Ahead of this city's Labor Day Parade Monday, Vice President Joe Biden sought to rally organized labor behind the campaign of Hillary Clinton, appearing alongside the man looking to take his place in Washington, Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine.

"This guy understands, he knows how to pronounce the word 'union,'" a loud, booming Biden said of Kaine. "Remember for a while there, we had Democrats that talked about organized labor. Union, union, union. Not a joke. Unions have built this country."

"Labor day is personal to me," Kaine told the crowd. "It's personal to me. I grew up in a family where my dad ran an ironworker organized welding shop in the stockyards of Kansas City, Missouri. … It was about a partnership. It was about shared prosperity. It wasn't about a CEO disconnected from the workers."

Kaine again blasted Trump for not releasing his tax returns, noting that it has been a custom for presidential candidates of the last few decades and likening Trump's actions to a job interview candidate not fulfilling the questionnaire. Trump has said he will not release his tax returns while he is under audit.

"You wouldn't hire somebody for a summer job who wouldn't answer your questions in a job interview, and he wants you to hire him to be President of the United States?" Kaine asked. "He thinks we're chumps. Donald Trump thinks he can blow this by us, that we're gullible. But I'll tell you: Pennsylvanians are not gullible. Virginians are not gullible. Americans aren't gullible."
Lebanon, NH:
After almost two months since he endorsed Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders came back to the Granite State today in what was his first solo campaign event for the Democratic nominee.

In Lebanon, NH, this afternoon, standing between two “Stronger Together” signs, Sanders praised Clinton’s policies and positions, touting the former secretary of state as the “superior candidate.” He then turned to Donald Trump, slamming the Republican nominee as a “pathological liar” with a campaign based upon “bigotry.”

"No candidate is perfect," Sanders told the crowd of about 400 people, but he said, “We have to ask ourselves a very simple question – what are the issues and what are the positions of the candidates on those issues."

"If you look at the campaign on that basis, the answer is 100 percent clear ... Hillary Clinton is the superior candidate hands down,” he said.

Of Trump, Sanders said, “The essence of his campaign is bigotry."
Newport News, VA:
When Anne Holton took the stage at Rep. Robert C. "Bobby" Scott's annual Labor Day Celebration, she evoked her background in education.

The former Virginia secretary of education and wife of vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine quizzed the audience — one that swarmed her for photos — by asking if any educators were in the audience.

"Really, what Hillary has asked me to do is talk to teachers. Listen to teachers, educators, parents, students and bring feedback back to her," Holton said after her speech. "I'm excited to be doing that on the campaign trail."

This wasn't Holton's first time at Scott's Labor Day event, according to the congressman.
Hampton, IL:
Hillary Clinton returned to the Quad Cities area Monday, celebrating Labor Day by pledging a national economy that works for all Americans, not just those at the top.

The Democratic presidential nominee promised a rebirth of the nation's manufacturing sector. She also called for creating more jobs by building more roads and bridges, reconstructing the country's electrical grid, developing solar energy and expanding broadband.

"What we have to do in the next 63 days is present the vision of America that we believe in," Clinton said.

Clinton spoke at the 49th Annual Salute to Labor Chicken Fry, traditionally one of the largest Labor Day events in the Midwest, The picnic was attended by more than 3,000 people along the Mississippi River at Illiniwek Park, which is near Davenport and Bettendorf. Many Iowa union members and Clinton supporters attended, including U.S. Rep. Dave Loebsack, D-Iowa City.
A lot of nasty conspiracy pushers were hoping for some more coughing from Hillary at her second rally after she suffered from a couple of allergy-induced fits earlier in the day, but they were sorely disappointed. She was just fine. This is literally the opposition's strategy right now: waiting and hoping for any hint whatsoever that Hillary's might not be feeling 100%. As Donald would say... "Sad!"

Oh yeah, and we can finally reset the ultra-annoying "press conference timer" thanks to this simple Q&A aboard the new Clinton plane! Saints (including Teresa) be praised! Now let's move on to important things like Hillary's great plans and Trump's dozens of real scandals.

A quick plug: I'll try to post as many of Monday's speeches as possible at Hillary HQ later today and continue to do so every day until the election. That's gonna be a hell of a lot of speeches to keep up with over the course of two months, but I intend to be the best resource around for this! I hope you'll join me if you're into this sort of political nerdiness.

Here are some good tweets from a very newsy day, starting with Paul Krugman's masterful column that has already made a big impact:
Finally, Anne Holton will be campaigning in Texas on Tuesday.

Wait a sec...an official general election campaign event in Texas?! I like that. A lot. More please!

Onward and upward!

(Dan Merica CNN via Twitter)
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  1. I recognized the allergy cough, feels like you inhaled a wad of pollen and it's stuck in the back of your throat.

    I am glad bernie hit the trail, but he needs to admit she isn't a liar and he didn't really think she's a sell out, he did say no candidate is perfect though, so that's a start down the road called 'fess up.'