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Hillary News & Views 09.28.16: The Post-Debate Glow Continues With Multiple Rallies

Hillary speaking in Raleigh, NC, Sept. 27, 2016, the day following the first debate (Getty)


Guest post by rugbymom

The Clinton campaign amplified the momentum from Monday night’s resounding debate performance with a wave of public events by multiple people. Hillary, still glowing the debate, headed to North Carolina yesterday morning. (How does she do it, after a night like that?)
 She had a chance to chat with her press pool en route. Per ABC:
Clinton reacted [to Trump’s comments about his microphone] this morning aboard her campaign plane, saying, “Anyone who complains about the microphone is not having a good night.
Asked by reporters whether she thinks Trump will skip the remaining two debates next month — as he and some of his surrogates have suggested — she said she’ll be there, no matter what.
Well, I’m going to show up. He gets to decide what he’s going to do,” Clinton said. “But I will be there in St. Louis and then after that in Las Vegas.”
She added, “If I’m the only person onstage, well, you know, I’m the only person onstage.”
(The AP’s video from the plane is viewable here — but can’t be embedded.)
          Hillary’s main event in NC was a rally at Wake Technical Community College in rainy Raleigh. It was covered yesterday in Kerry Eleveld’s front page diary.
 The local News & Observer wrote:
RALEIGH — Rallying a crowd of 1,400 supporters the day after the first presidential debate, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was eager to highlight her opponent’s most controversial comments from Monday night’s faceoff.
Clinton spoke to a capacity crowd at Wake Tech Community College’s gym Tuesday afternoon and brought up the debate within moments of going onstage.
(It was actually an overflow crowd, with more than 200 people unable to get into the main hall.) She recapped some of Trump’s key moments, from his criticism of her debate preparation to his bragging that he did hope to profit from the housing collapse in 2008. She repeated her claim that he may not have paid any federal income tax in multiple years, a claim bolstered by Trump’s boasting that it was a smart move. She characterized his foreign policy comments as “dangerously incoherent.
          Clinton also (as she always does) tied in local issues, stressing the Republican efforts to make it harder for Carolinians to vote, and the HB2 anti-LGBTQ law. She mentioned the recent shooting in Charlotte, where she postponed a visit at the request of the city’s mayor. She talked about the need to raise the minimum wage. Senate candidate Deborah Ross, locked in a tight race against incumbent Republican Richard Burr, was one of the warm-up speakers at the rally.
          Here’s the full video (Introduction of Hillary begins about 8:45):
“Hillary is acting like a winner,” a headline in The Atlantic read after the rally. These students agreed:
From Raleigh, Clinton headed to a closed-press fundraiser at a private home in nearby Chapel Hill.
          Nationwide, the big push yesterday was “National Voter Registration Day.” (is that really a thing? Or is the campaign inventing it to make it a thing?) Twitter, Facebook, and campaign events were all focused on getting people registered, since most states’ registration deadlines fall before or during the mid-October “Columbus Day” (Indigenous Peoples' Day) holiday weekend.
          Bill Clinton was pushing the voter registration theme in battleground Ohio, with rallies in Toledo and Cleveland.
          Future VP Tim Kaine was also campaigning hard. Along with his GOP counterpart, Tim put in an appearance on yesterday’s “Good Morning America” to say (of course) that Hillary did a great job in the debate:
Tim spoke from Orlando, where he did a series of events over several days. On Monday he had a closed-press meeting with Hispanic faith leaders at the Iglesia El Calvario (Calvary Church). Accompanied by Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly, Kaine, visibly moved, visited the site of the Pulse nightclub massacre:
All three then spoke at a debate-watch party organized by the Clinton campaign and the LGBTQ Human Rights Campaign. Tuesday morning Kaine rallied volunteers at a “Canvass Kickoff.”
From local TV station News6, at
Kaine told Clinton volunteers the importance of pushing for every vote possible. 
“I don't have to tell you how important Florida is. (In) Florida, the election is going to be very, very close,” Kaine said. . . .
“Your phone call might be the call. Your knocking on the door might be the interaction.”
          Tim’s wife Anne Holton is continuing her pattern of speaking at smaller events, substantive round-tables, that draw on her experience in law and education policy. Yesterday she was in Michigan (or as they’re now calling it, #MISheCan!). (Are we noticing how laser-focused the campaign is on the states that really matter for the Electoral College? Not that the rest of us don’t matter, but some really do matter more than others right now).  
        Reinforcing the National Voter Registration Day theme, Anne participated in a voter protection roundtable before a predominantly African-American audience at the Little Rock Baptist Church in Detroit. She joined former Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer, Attorney Mary Ellen Gurewitz, who brought the successful Federal court challenge to Republican attempts to eliminate straight-ticket voting in Michigan, and several community leaders active in voter protection and GOTV.
          Anne’s next stop was a phonebanking session in suburban Livonia:
The final event of the day was a Women to Women” community engagement event at the campaign office in Ann Arbor, home to the University of Michigan (and, coincidentally, where I was born during the year my father taught there):
           Back on the East Coast, surrogate Joe Biden spoke to several hundred at Drexel University in Philadelphia, fired up in his signature blunt style following the debate. The NBCNews headline says it well: “Joe Biden Wants to Know ‘What in the Hell’ Donald Trump is talking about.
"He acknowledged that he didn't pay taxes because he said ... because he's smart; makes him smart," Biden said. . . ."Tell that to the janitor in here who's paying taxes!" answered Biden raising his voice. "Tell that to your mothers and fathers who are breaking their neck to send you here, they're paying taxes. . . .”
The former senator from Delaware also criticized comments from Trump suggesting that the housing bubble collapse of 2008 was "good business" for him.
"What in the hell is he talking about?" the vice president wondered aloud. . . .
Biden made an impassioned plea to the young people in the room to get out and vote for Clinton. He acknowledged that while many millennials are not "overjoyed" with Trump or Clinton, President Trump is not an acceptable outcome.
Biden concluded with a defiant optimistic message that the United States was second to no country.
"We own the future, we own the finish line!" He concluded to cheers
Here’s unfiltered Joe:
          Hillary has a new powerful voice speaking on her behalf: Alicia Machado, the former Miss Universe who Hillary mentioned (clearly with her consent) during the debate (and who I believe was in the audience). Her story underscores so many of the themes about Trump: racism, sexism, personal insults — and not paying those who work to earn him money. She’s been campaigning for Hillary since June. Yesterday she was on a press call. And the campaign was ready with a web ad with the full story (in Spanish, with English subtitles):
           The post-debate pace doesn’t slow down today. Hillary and Bernie! are doing an event in Durham, New Hampshire (home of UNH); Michelle Obama is speaking at rallies in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh; Chelsea Clinton is heading for Greenville and Asheville, NC; and Anne Holton participates in two round tables in Lansing and Grand Rapids, MI. (This useful page has the list in chronological order, with links to the details on the public events; you can also search by zip code on the campaign website.) Tim Kaine doesn’t seem to have any events for the next stretch; we can assume he is following the good example of his running mate and preparing thoroughly for the October 4 VP debate (9:00-10:30 pm EDT, from Farmville, VA which is a real place not just a Facebook game).
          Last word today goes to Keith Ellison (D-MN-05), when asked for his prediction on the race:
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