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Hillary News & Views 09.14.16: Surrogates step up while Hillary rests

Hillary waving to crowd, New York City, September 11, 2016, after emerging from her daughter's apartment

Guest post by rugbymom

There won't be much today about Hillary herself. As we know, Hillary agreed, reluctantly, to take several days off the campaign trail to rest and recuperate from her bout of pneumonia. “Rest” is a relative thing:
I’m guessing that “reading” was more likely briefing books for the upcoming debate than trashy light fiction, and that “on the phone” was more likely Donna Brazile at DNC and Robby Mook, not some gal-pal just shooting the breeze. Hillary is scheduled for an event in Greensboro, NC on Thursday.
But as one news reporter put it, “The candidate might be down, but the campaign continues,” full barrel. The social media team is pressing out message after message, on college affordability, on Trump’s dealings with Pam Bondi, etc. (I prefer not to talk here about Trump — plenty of other diaries for that.) First Dude-to-be Bill Clinton is substituting for Hillary on the West Coast this week, per Politico:
With Hillary Clinton resting at home with pneumonia, Bill Clinton is stepping in. The former president will take her place at a pair of fundraisers in Los Angeles on Tuesday and a campaign event in Las Vegas on Wednesday, according to an aide.
A Tuesday luncheon at the home of TV producer Seth MacFarlane, with a performance by singer Lionel Richie, will be followed by a posh dinner at the home of Barry Diller, head of Expedia, and fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg. Will that crowd close their wallets because Hillary is home resting and they “only” get charmer Bill Clinton instead? I doubt it. Bill will go on to Las Vegas today for a rally.
Obama spoke at a Clinton rally in Philadelphia, near the art museum, in upbeat full-throated campaign mode. Scan has a long string of livetweets. Hillary’s Twitter feed also live-tweeted the entire speech, which I’d guess she watched with great relish from her recliner chair. TomP had a diary on the “Thanks, Obama!” theme. Here’s the full video — enjoy!
Tim Kaine was also on the road yesterday, in Minnesota (where he was born, though raised in Missouri). In keeping with this week’s campaign focus on affordable college education, he stopped at the University of Minnesota:
Both Hillary and Tim have been tweeting about their plans to make college more affordable and debt-free. Here's an example of this carefully coordinated issue-advocacy:
While in Minnesota Tim met with former Senator, Vice President, and 1984 Democratic Presidential nominee Walter Mondale — one of our party’s elder statesmen — and spoke at a fundraiser. 
Chelsea Clinton is also back on the campaign trail. Yesterday she attended the opening of the 31st coordinated campaign office in NC (in Durham), emphasizing the importance of that state for both the Presidential race and Deborah Ross’s quest to take the Senate seat for Team Blue. (See Joan McCarter’s front page diary on the Ross-Burr contest.) Per local media:
Durham, N.C. — Chelsea Clinton returned to North Carolina Tuesday to lead discussions on her mother's economic platform, open a campaign office and encourage people to register to vote.
Clinton, the daughter of former President Bill Clinton and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, discussed her mother's advocacy for women's issues and plans to expand the U.S. economy during a Women in Leadership panel at Wake Forest University.
In a Durham stop, Chelsea Clinton opened a campaign office and spoke briefly about the importance of the November election and getting people registered to vote.
Chelsea also took an opportunity to reinforce the theme of college affordability:
I’m going to close with Tim, another apparent baby-tamer. If children could vote, our candidates (including Obama) would win 99-1.
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