Monday, September 5, 2016

UPDATE: Hillary HQ's Labor Day Weekend Fundraiser!

#DemsInPhilly Day 3 (Photo by Scott Hopkins/Hillary HQ)
UPDATE: Many thanks to everyone who donated this weekend to help keep 100% ad-free! We did well these past few days, though we still have a ways to go before reaching full funding for the year. Since I hate asking for money, this will be the final fundraising post for this site for a while...and besides, this site is about electing Hillary Clinton and downballot Democrats!

See you first thing Tuesday morning as we begin the intense post-Labor Day homestretch! -Scott


Greetings friends and Hillary supporters! This is Scott Hopkins (aka "Scan"), the founder, editor and main writer at Hillary HQ.

As many of you know, this site (along with the accompanying Facebook and Twitter pages) went full-time in late April with the help of your grassroots donations at GoFundMe.

And since taking the plunge, there's been nothing but good news:
  • We had just over 10,000 Facebook followers at the end of April...and today we're over 120,000! Just amazing, staggering growth. We're definitely having a positive impact on this election...thanks to you!
  • The site's profile and reputation rose to the point that we were granted full press credentials to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia! What an amazing honor and privilege it was to attend that historic event.
  • Everyday site traffic has been stronger and steadier than ever, and will likely be even higher during the next two months.
  • Over $6,500 in donations have been received over the past four months...42% of the total goal! Thanks to all of our grassroots supporters for making this success possible.
We're now hitting the post-Labor Day homestretch of this crazy election and Hillary HQ will be going into overdrive until November 8th! It's going to be an intense ride to the finish line. But in order to keep operating full-time without taking on financial burden, the site needs to reach full funding for the year. Therefore, we'll be doing a grassroots fundraiser all weekend to help reach our total goal.

If you enjoy and appreciate what Hillary HQ has done every day for the last 20 months to help elect Hillary Clinton as the next President of the Unites States, I would be honored to have your grassroots support at this time.

And get this: If just 2% of our Facebook followers gave a one-time donation of only $5, we'll more than reach full funding for the year. Wow! How easy is that? Obviously the goal can be reached much faster with donations that are a little more generous, but this gives you an idea of how easily it can be done.

I've noticed that some people have preferred to donate via PayPal or personal check, which works just as well. So to help make this fundraiser a success, I've decided to gradually reduce the original GoFundMe target of $16k to account for outside donations. 

If you prefer to donate via PayPal, use this link:

If you would like to send a personal check or donate using an alternate method, send me a message using the comment form on the right side of the homepage. Remember: the total GoFundMe goal will be reduced by whatever amount you donate using an alternate everyone's donation counts equally and the goal will be reached one way or another!

With a little help from our friends, Hillary HQ will remain the best, most comprehensive and most essential hub for Clinton news, opinion and activism anywhere on the Internet. Also, we can keep the site completely 100% AD-FREE! (how refreshing is that?)

To read more about our history and mission, as well as additional information on this fundraiser, visit the GoFundMe page by clicking the graphic on the right.

I'm looking forward to hitting the ground running on Tuesday morning to begin the intense homestretch of the 2016 election! Thank you all so much for your continued readership and support.


  1. Thank you so much for this site, Scan. When I got lifetime banned at Kos you invited me to comment here, you gave me a better home, a lot better.

    and you library the events, and the press comments, it's that kind of service too.

    Every day I admire her more, she's only doing this stuff for us, she wants to head the biggest foundation, the USA foundation, so she can do good.

    We live in the age of sanctimony, and these aren't pleasant times. And those with the least get dinged the most.

    i read about this kid yesterday, here:

    he was arrested for bumping into a teacher, African American kid I am sure, and he had to do service, but he also had to pay a fine, supposedly to make it up to the teacher, and his family didn't have it, and that made it last longer and cost more.

    Every day kids that experience that stuff and don't explode in rage, and they don't, almost never, they're nice kids, they listen to their moms and they try to keep themselves out of the 'system,' is a triumph of their spirit, their joy, their will to live and live and live.

    That's what's been happening, people getting picked on, for their neurological differences, for their clothing, whatever..

    I saw a 25 year old day before yesterday, he got picked up for having a gun in California after he'd been convicted of a robbery, first the robbery and then hanging on street corners in possession of a gun he'd never fired, it's a style, but it wan't a choice for him.

    They've offered him 7 years federal. he's 25.

    He didn't have a mother, ever, his dad lived with a girlfriend and he grew up 'in her house,' not in his own house, nothing was ever his. Start of each school year his dad would buy him and his older brother five outfits and one pair of shoes, and they didn't get washed often, so he'd often wear the same thing he wore the day before and the day before that, and kids would tease him. And no one helped him with his schoolwork and when he asked for help, teachers would mock him for not getting it, they thought he was stupid, and he didn't look loved, so he got hate. And he did the street life and bought his own clothes when he was in the 9th grade. And after that no one helped him, an aunt tried when he was seventeen, but he was already into his disease, addiction, and he went back to the streets to get high.

    And he's sweet, he gets his feeling hurt when people talk to him like he's stupid, and he tries to stick up for himself. He read his first book the first time he was incarcerated.

    He wasn't loved enough, yet he's not angry, he's just scared about 7 years and then what, he left school in tenth grade.

    Hillary, help, get elected and help. We need some villages.

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words, your readership and great comments anni!

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