Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Clinton Does Well in CNN Forum, but Ongoing Trump Disaster Dominates

Well...that was...oh hell, I don't even know anymore. Here are some key tweets of the night:
Honestly, that Donald Trump is just one step away from leading our country is simply embarrassing for the United States of America.

The debates, and his defeat on November 8th, can't come fast enough. Stay tuned for the aftermath of this forum in the days to come.

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1 comment:

  1. trump broke news, seems that the briefers really recommend policy and let Trump know that Obama and Hillary didn't follow their policy directives, and he could see how offended they were with such lack of obedience in their greater policy recommendations.

    Trump's MO is to tell what was said to him when no one there can answer, and he saw the confidential briefing as another one of those opportunities.

    He did it to the Mexican president, saying that they hadn't spoken about who will pay for the wall, with him right there on the stage, betting the guy's English wasn't so good that he would call him out on the spot.

    He always reports the compliments he got in private meeting with people highly unlikely to compliment him, but who probably fear offending his followers and so are unlikely to publicly correct him. When it would just be a 'he said he said' anyway. No official record.

    But this one, wow, I am in awe. this is on the level of fighting with the pope. Does he ever lack restraint!!!