Wednesday, September 28, 2016

BATTLEGROUND TEXAS: DNC Expanding Presence in the Lone Star State!

Hillary Clinton and Julián Castro in San Antonio, October 2015
The evidence that Texas is a 2016 battleground state continues to pile up.

Over the past few months we've seen several close statewide polls, a big Clinton lead in Harris County, a few events with Tim Kaine, new campaign offices across the state, stunning endorsements by the Dallas Morning News and Houston Chronicle and Hillary's proclamation that "we could win Texas".

And today comes word that national Democrats have taken notice and taken action.

Via Texas Tribune:
The Democratic National Committee is expanding its presence in Texas as polls continue to show a closer-than-usual presidential race in the solidly red state.

Texas is set to become the fourth state participating in the DNC's Victory Leaders Council program, which establishes groups of prominent state Democrats to work directly with the party operation in Washington. The program is already underway in Arizona, Georgia and Utah — three other traditionally Republican states where Democrats are seeing new opportunity this election cycle.

The Texas Victory Leaders Council features a who's who of state Democrats, including well-known activists, donors, elected officials and party leaders. The council will be focused on helping elect both Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and down-ballot candidates while trying to lay the groundwork for Democratic inroads in the state beyond 2016.

"Democrats are competing across the country and building for the future," DNC chief of staff Brandon Davis said in a statement. “In states from Georgia to Texas, demographics and politics are changing quickly — and Democrats are making the investments to make gains now so that we can take majorities later."

The state has also caught the attention of the Clinton campaign, which has opened several offices across Texas and dispatched surrogates to stump for the ticket. Clinton's running mate, Tim Kaine, spent two days in the state last week, holding a Houston rally in which he declared that he and Clinton "take Texas very seriously."
I have an election night vision. You can laugh if you want, but here it is: When the polls close on the west coast and Clinton is projected as the next president, Texas will still be too close to call. And as the partying continues into the night, and we all watch Trump's concession and Clinton's victory speech, Texas is still too close to call. Finally, just before everyone calls it a night around 2am, the unbelievable occurs: the networks call Texas for Hillary Clinton.

Improbable? Okay. Impossible? No way! Whatever the overall result on election night, it would not surprise me if it's close in Texas...perhaps way closer than expected. A victory would likely require the perfect storm of a national Hillary landslide with depressed Republican turnout and unprecedented Latino turnout. But you know what? In this craziest of election years, I think it could happen.

But only if we make it happen!


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  1. Trump has motivated Hispanic voter registration and all it takes is to experience that power, and it's unleashed. Julian was my first choice for VP, and it's great to see him campaigning with HIllary. Trump and his establishment supporters, such as Hugh Hewitt, are sooo depressing, so selfish and ever so depressing.