Monday, August 22, 2016

VIDEO: Tim Kaine Speaks to Iron Workers in Las Vegas (8/22/16)

Las Vegas Review-Journal:
Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine slammed Donald Trump as a candidate who doesn’t understand the connection between labor unions and growing the middle class.

Kaine’s comments about the Republican presidential nominee and billionaire businessman came at the Iron Workers’ 43rd international convention in Las Vegas on Monday.

“Donald Trump doesn’t get it,” Kaine said at The Mirage. “Labor unions helped build the great American middle class.”

It was Kaine’s first trip to Nevada as Hillary Clinton’s running mate, though he campaigned on her behalf in Southern Nevada in February before the state’s Democratic caucus...
Kaine knocked Trump for not releasing his federal tax returns, a tradition for presidential and vice presidential candidates that goes back decades. He noted that even President Richard Nixon released his tax returns.

“If you are running for president or vice president, the American public deserves to know what your financial situation is,” Kaine said.

Trump’s campaign has said he’s not releasing the returns due to an IRS audit, though critics have pointed out there’s nothing legally preventing Trump from releasing them if he wishes.

Noting that Trump has bragged about paying as little taxes as possible, Kaine said paying taxes is a responsibility.

“It’s a patriotic duty,” he said. “We are citizens of an extraordinary nation. That’s the deal.”

He added: “We cannot afford to be tricked by Trump.”
Watch the full speech above.

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  1. I am back thinking Trump is performance art, he's so cheap he is having a 12-twelve year old kid co-chair his campaign in a swing district in a close state.

    he's spending his campaign money weird, not on ad buys and not on staff, on merchandize he probably already ordered and got, he's probably buying the stuff he got with his donoar money and making a tidy profit, and he's probably also giving a family member a commission for handling the sale, and on consulting, probably Ivana. I think he's trying to pay himself back for whatever he accidentally invested in his own campaign when he did better than he'd expected. He rents spaces, he spends on rentals, probably to himself. He rented his own Florida home to his campaign when he used it for an event. he's a wily one, yon Donald.