Monday, August 29, 2016

VIDEO: Tim Kaine in Pembroke Pines, FL (8/27/16)

Sun Sentinal:
Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine sought to rally South Florida party leaders on Saturday with a vision of good times under Hillary Clinton, and offering a contrasting – and dark – view of Donald Trump on the economy, national security and climate change.

In describing the presidential candidates, Kaine said Clinton is better prepared than the Republican to keep the nation safe and fight the Islamic State.

"She understands that our safety is about our muscle, but it's also about our alliances. Donald Trump has a different attitude," Kaine said. As the Islamic State turns to small-scale strikes, he said those are most effectively thwarted by sharing intelligence with key allies. He said there was a sharp distinction with Trump, who he said wants to "build walls and tear down alliances." He said that is a "path to isolation and it's a path to weakness."
Kaine's appearance in Pembroke Pines came five weeks to the day after he made his first appearance as the vice presidential nominee, appearing with Clinton at a rally at Florida International University in west Miami-Dade County. He was back in Florida in early August, and said he'd return next week.

"I'm really, really focusing on Florida," Kaine said. "Because it is so close, it's a place we're going to spent a lot of time."

Florida is getting so much candidate time and campaign money because it's the biggest swing state in November and it has a history of exceedingly tight elections. A poll of Florida voters released Friday by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research showed Clinton had support of 44 percent of Florida voters; Trump had 42 percent,

"If we win Florida, it's over. Help us do that," Kaine said.
Watch the full speech above.

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  1. the report is she's working on what will make Donald the most upset.


    I think if she keeps pointing out what he didn't know, how he got stuff wrong or could not answer, sort of as an aside, my worthy opponent hasn't these facts at his fingertips but ...

    Donald was wrong again when he claimed,.... but

    When you don't know the answer, just blow your top and maybe no one will notice?

    I don't know what he just said, if it's this or this or this, what is Donald trying to say?

    on the other hand I also sort of think that he doesn't need any help, and that letting him spin without any help might be good enough, unless the audience needs help getting the jokes, in which case repeating what he just said, in case it was missed...

    Women who mock men are seen as castrating. But then women who are smarter than men are also seen as castrating, and there's no way out of that one. Maybe if it's not sarcastic, more genuinely perplexed?

    maybe she should help him out, prompt him?

    no, that would be seen as schoolmarm,

    although he will be fact challenged, facts are not his strong suit. He'll say lots of wrong things, he's known for flapping his gums.

    whatever, I know she'll be great and upbeat, she loves counter-intuitive, and what is more unlikely than facing Donald Trump in a presidential debate.