Thursday, August 4, 2016

VIDEO: In Colorado, Clinton Blasts Trump for Outsourcing

If Hillary takes away Donald's advantage on the economy, how does he win? He can't.

If she locks up the "blue wall" plus Colorado and Virginia, how does he win? He can't.
Days after Donald Trump’s visit, Hillary Clinton returned to Colorado to offer a rebuttal — blasting her Republican rival Wednesday for outsourcing the manufacturing of his branded products to other countries and his criticism of the family of a fallen soldier.

“There is no doubt in my mind that Donald Trump is unqualified to be president and unfit to be commander in chief,” Clinton told a crowd of 2,000 in the gymnasium at Adams City High School.

In this working class suburb north of Denver, where some voters feel left behind by the state’s economic recovery, Clinton pledged to create “millions of jobs with rising incomes” and the “biggest infrastructure investment programs since World War II.”

“We are not satisfied with where we are in the country,” Clinton said, “but we think we know how to make progress together.”
Helen H. Richardson, The Denver Post
But her strongest words came in a visit earlier in the afternoon to Knotty Tie, a Denver clothing maker that employs African refugees.

Clinton hit Trump in her Democratic convention acceptance speech for making ties “in China, not Colorado,” a claim PolitiFact has found mostly true.

“I would really like him to explain why he paid Chinese workers to make Trump ties,” she continued, holding up a red Trump tie. “Instead of deciding to make those ties right here in Colorado with a company like Knotty.”

“If he wants to ‘make America great again,’ he should start by making things in America,” she added a moment later, reprising Trump’s campaign slogan. “And there’s a lot he could learn by coming here.”


  1. He is not going to do anything for our country. An as usual he is a liar ..he never tell the truth. I am voting for Hillary 2016

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