Friday, August 5, 2016

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Rally in Las Vegas (8/4/16)
It was her first visit back to Las Vegas since she was officially named the Democratic nominee for President.

It’s not likely Hillary Clinton will forget it.

Shortly after she began speaking this afternoon at the IBEW Union Hall on Lamb Boulevard, activists from the animal liberation group “Direct Action Everywhere” tried to disrupt the meeting. Several unfurled a banner; one even appeared to jump over the barrier that normally separates Clinton’s podium from the audience.

The Secret Service would have none of it.
You may have seen this clip elsewhere. Hillary remains calm, cool and collected as the Secret Service swarm around her, and continued to speak just a few seconds later. She even had a nice retort! Quite the contrast to Donald Trump freaking out a few months ago under similar circumstances.

Anyway, here's what she actually came to talk about:
Before the packed Local 357 hall, Clinton talked jobs – no accident before a working class audience that her opponent, Republican Donald Trump, also believes he can win. This was a friendly crowd: IBEW, the huge electrical workers union, endorsed Clinton in June.

Clinton’s prescription: an infrastructure rebuilding effort that would promote millions of jobs. “Roads, bridges, tunnels, our ports, our airports,” Clinton said. “For every billion dollars, we get 47,500 jobs – good union jobs with good middle-class income,” she said.

Before her appearance at IBEW, Clinton toured Mojave Electric, a local business whose training program caught Clinton’s eye. “We need more skills training, and that includes apprenticeship programs,” she said. “More than half of all jobs in 2020 – not long from now – will not require a four-year education,” she added.
Watch the full speech, along with Harry Reid's introduction, above.

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