Tuesday, August 23, 2016

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (8/22/16)

Hillary Clinton appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night to discuss Trump debate prep, the Democratic National Convention, Republican endorsements, and other topics. Also, she definitively proved her good health by opening a pickle jar!

Things get kinda silly and annoying with the Trump quotes in a jar and talk of "Vice President Jimmy Kimmel" (har har), but this is a fun interview overall. And speaking of annoying, if only this was all in one clip instead of little pieces followed by "follow our YouTube channel" plugs!


  1. did you read this: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/emails-reveal-how-foundation-donors-got-access-to-clinton-and-her-close-aides-at-state-dept/2016/08/22/345b5200-6882-11e6-8225-fbb8a6fc65bc_story.html?wpisrc=nl_p1most-partner-1&wpmm=1#comments

    This is positive proof that foundation donors bought nothing but the use of their money to save lives.

    Seems that those who gave the most and asked for stuff were told that it would have to go through the usual bureaucracy, and there are already examples of favors not granted that way either, and no examples of any granted favors.

    Those who had legitimate access, based on their jobs, got it, just like they would have without having given a donation, and as usual, there is no report on anyone who didn't donate and, like the donors, didn't get favors either, and only got access when it was legitimate, appropriate access that had gone through the usual bureaucracy.

    When will, "No special access for Foundation donors," be the headline - wait, how about here?


    Today's Post reports positive evidence that foundation donors were not provided with a special conduit to the SOS's ear, they were informed that their requests would go through the proper channels, and those who asked for special favors through the proper channels were turned down.

    Earth to Media: it's our elected representatives that constituents should go to for help, special and otherwise, letters of recommendation for spots in the academies, for example. When Hillary was NY senator she helped poor Hispanic constituents get family emergency visas, and they didn't have to have donated to her campaign, they were her constituents, her job was to help them.

    The SOS isn't a favor granting agency, no one gets State favors, there is no law against asking for favors, but those that asked didn't go to the right place, they should have gone to their senator. One did, Senator Feinstein said no first.

    hey, you can't always get what you want .....

  2. and how about those foreign donors? Were they treated better under Hillary than they'd been under Bush or are now being treated with Kerry as SOS? How many foreign governments did not donate and still got help from the Obama administration when Hillary was SOS?

    Is it just me or has the media become even sloppier and more sensationalist when reporting on Hillary?

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