Monday, August 15, 2016

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden in Scranton

As expected, today we got a healthy dose of pure, unfiltered Biden in Scranton:
Vice President Joe Biden on Monday ripped into Donald Trump for his overtures to Russian President Vladimir Putin, declaring that the Republican nominee “would have loved Stalin.”

At a rally in his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, Biden assailed Trump as unfit to be president and slammed his proposals on foreign policy and the military. With Hillary Clinton at his side, Biden criticized the GOP nominee’s repeated warm statements toward Putin and said “Trump's ideas are not only profoundly wrong, they're very dangerous and they’re very un-American.”

“This guy's shame has no limits. He's even gone so far as to ask Putin and Russia to conduct cyberattacks against the United States of America,” Biden said, raising his voice for emphasis over the raucous crowd. “Even if he is joking — which he's not — even if he's joking, what an outrageous thing to say.”
This was the most striking line of the day as far as I'm concerned:
“I was proud, my son Beau served for a year in Iraq, came back a highly decorated soldier,” the vice president said. “I must tell you, had Donald Trump been president I would have thrown my body in front of him. No, I really mean it, to keep him from going if the judgment was based on Trump's decision.”
But really, Joe was throwing a lot of fastballs today:
Watch the full speeches above (Clinton followed by Biden).

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