Monday, August 15, 2016

Trump's Whining Strategy

Take a look at this string of Trump tweets from yesterday. Notice a theme?

Okay, obviously he's focusing on the media. But notice anything else?

Ahh, more about the media but also about certain Republicans who don't like him. This is just one day, but it's very familiar to anyone who's followed him long-term.

There's a name for this key Trump electoral strategy, and it's whining. To demonstrate this further, try reading the above tweets again in the voice of an almost-crying 7-yr-old with crossed arms and exaggerated frown who doesn't want to go to the dentist. It fits perfectly!

Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump
However, tough people don't whine...and that's precisely why you never see Hillary Clinton engage in such unbecoming behavior.

Who does whine? Here's a partial list:

  • Children
  • Thin-skinned bullies
  • Blame-shifters
  • Sore losers
  • Very weak leaders

This strategy isn't going to work for a couple of reasons. One, the "extreme vetting" of Trump is going to continue no matter how much he cries about it. And two, the American people simply aren't going to choose a really annoying whiner to lead our proud nation.

Because seriously, can you imagine a President of the United States who whines all the time in press conferences and on Twitter about how the media, the Congress and other world leaders are hurting his fee-fees whenever he doesn't get his way? That would be profoundly embarrassing, and I'm not sure if our international reputation would ever fully recover.


  1. It comes down to this: The guy is not all there. He reminds me of a boss I had the misfortune to work for. He could never admit a mistake. He would explain what he really meant after he had said something ridiculous, and then eventually change his memory of the words he had said. He was very defensive when anyone questioned him. The business eventually went broke; I had already bailed.

  2. he's the great male hope, the great thin skinned male hope.

    but I am not whining, he's our 50-state strategy.