Friday, August 12, 2016

Trump Continues His Swing State Collapse

We're now two full weeks from the end of the Democratic National Convention, and here's where we stand:
This in addition to these Marist polls from three days ago:
And don't forget New Hampshire:
What does this mean? Oh, no big deal...
I kid, of course. It's a massive deal. No swing state should ever be considered "secure" until the night of November 8th, but at this point Trump can't simply make marginal inroads to win. He has to move heaven and earth. He has to change the demographics of our nation. And after all he has said and done over the past year, he must convince millions of voters to change their minds about him at the last minute.

I don't see how it's possible. However, we must keep working every single day to not only beat him in a landslide but also win back the Senate and House. In other words, let's make a map like THIS a reality on the morning of November 9th:

Via Nate Silver on Twitter


  1. he's got to be on our side, the Manchurian candidate for us, now i believe the golf story, he is destroying the Republican party, when he finally goes along, 'just being sarcastic,' after he made his surrogates defend it and blame her for the media reaction... he's 'bitching' them, not us. When he obeys them he makes them look even worse. He must have promised Rank that he'd walk it back, and then he does it that way. Like when he reads the speeches, he does it without any passion, just 'prisoner of war' stuff.

    and the real prisoner of war, john McCain, looks like he's back in North Vietnam, agreeing to support Trump when Trump calls him dumb and says he was the last in his class at Annapolis (and he probably was, McCain has never refuted it, that might be a fact Donald uncovered. or he was third last and correcting Trump would not actually help). He's scathingly accurate only against his own side, and goes sooooooo far against us that he turns those fake attacks into the opposite.

    This is cracking me up. Of course if his poll numbers went up I would not be so happy, but that seems improbable, he keeps making sure he doesn't get any wider support.

    the media keeps saying they both are disliked, and that false equivalency is bringing up her favorability numbers, no one wants to be on Trump's side,

    Springtime in Trump Tower for Hillary?

    his is sooooo funny

  2. That tweet by Josh is a really cogent point. Great!

  3. yes, she's not just going for the win, that's already there, she's going for all 50 states.

  4. I’m quietly convinced that Clinton is going to win this by a landslide, and that Independents and moderate Republicans are going to vote for her once they get into the privacy of the voting booth on Election Day. The more that people see of Donald Trump, and the more that they realise that – despite what Gary Johnson and Jill Stein say – this is an election between two candidates, they will go with the “least worst option”, whatever their views of Clinton.

    I think the electoral map in the post might be a stretch, but what do I know? I'm predicting Hillary to take 452 electoral college votes myself :p