Friday, August 19, 2016

Tim Kaine Visits Cedar Rapids and Iowa State Fair (8/17/16)

Enough of the Trump trainwreck...let's check in with Tim!
Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine strolled the Iowa State Fairgrounds in a surprise visit to Des Moines Wednesday, chatting up Iowans, checking out the butter cow and wolfing down a chop at the Iowa Pork Producers Association tent.

Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s running mate in the presidential race and a U.S. senator from Virginia, dropped in at the fair after a rally in Cedar Rapids — an unscheduled stop that even the national media traveling with him wasn’t certain would happen until his motorcade rolled in through a secluded gate at the back of the fairgrounds.

He was joined on his meander by U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack — the former Iowa governor who Clinton strongly considered for the spot on the presidential ticket she ultimately gave to Kaine.

“She made the right choice,” Vilsack said with Kaine at his side and between bites of pork chop underneath the awning at the pork tent.
Watch the full Cedar Rapids rally above, and this brief video roundup from the Iowa State Fair:

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  1. state fairs are fun, 4H kids showing their calves, jam contests, everyone sweet and getting along. Iowa more than leans to the right, and they're nice anyway, go figure.

    smart of Tim to pick the Iowa State Fair, shows some respect.