Thursday, August 18, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Interview with Katie Couric (April 1992)

In April 1992, Hillary Clinton sat down with Katie Couric on Today to discuss being a policy-making First Lady, misconceptions about her, early-90s sexism, and lessons learned on the campaign trail. The introduction, with quotes like "her assertiveness makes some voters uncomfortable", is also fascinating in light of her current campaign 24 years later.

In other words, some things never change...but maybe they should!

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  1. it's all of us, it's why we empathize and she gets more female support from the age we first figure it out. That's why she'll need to first get elected and then demonstrate her abilities, and then more people may figure it out. It's why we're paid less, why Jill got canned at the New York Times when she'd turned around their business and made it again profitable, she was too assertive, plus how dare she want equal pay and she why the heck wasn't deferential to her male underlings, one of whom got her canned and then got her job, and he isn't as good at it.