Monday, August 1, 2016

State of the Race: 99 Days To Go

When Hillary HQ began on January 15th of last year, there were 663 days until the election. But as of today, we're down to double digits! I had initially planned on writing this with 100 days to go, but decided to wait another day in the hope that more post-convention polls would be coming out. That's exactly what happened, and I am happy to report that Hillary has received a very good bounce and is once again the undisputed frontrunner!

Drink it in, folks!
And Hillary has now suddenly regained the clear advantage on 538's forecast:

I don't believe that Florida and New Hampshire that close or that North Carolina is leaning red, but I'll take it! With Virginia and Colorado becoming more solidly blue, all Clinton has to do is hold onto Pennsylvania and Nevada and she's over the top. And that's not even counting Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Georgia, Iowa, New Hampshire and Arizona. In other words, she has so many ways to win this thing and she's almost there as it is.

We can't let up for a second until the evening of November 8th, but this is definitely where we want to be with less than 100 days to go!

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