Saturday, August 6, 2016

NYT: Downballot Republicans Are Jumping Off the Trump Train

We've still got three months to go, but the writing is already on the wall: Trump is going to lose and it's every GOP man and woman for themselves.

New York Times reports:
After a disastrous week of feuds and plummeting poll numbers, Republican leaders have concluded that Donald J. Trump is a threat to the party’s fortunes and have begun discussing how soon their endangered candidates should explicitly distance themselves from the presidential nominee.

For Republicans in close races, top strategists say, the issue is no longer in doubt. One House Republican has already started airing an ad vowing to stand up to Mr. Trump if he is elected president, and others are expected to press similar themes in the weeks ahead.

In the world of Republican “super PACs,” strategists are going even farther: discussing advertisements that would treat Mr. Trump’s defeat as a given and urge voters to send Republicans to Congress as a check on a Hillary Clinton White House. The discussions were described by officials familiar with the deliberations, several of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity about confidential planning.
Mr. Trump’s plunge in polls this week, along with his dual attacks on the family of a fallen American soldier and the leadership of his own party, has convinced veteran Republican strategists that most of their candidates must navigate around the presidential nominee.
Plans for ads that distance congressional candidates from the top of the ticket have accelerated. “You will see them by early to mid-September now,” even before the first debate on Sept. 26, predicted Scott Reed, the senior political strategist for the United States Chamber of Commerce.
This is what panic looks like, and after the past couple of weeks I don't blame them.

Things look dire for Trump now, but I believe that the Clinton campaign and their allies are still holding back some devastating new attacks on him until after Labor Day. And as voting time approaches, we're definitely going to see downballot Republicans across the country be portrayed as two peas in a pod with their standard-bearer whether they like it or not.

As we can see, escape plans are already being hatched...but sitting out an endorsement or even denouncing the Republican nominee shouldn't cut it. Their only way out should be an outright endorsement of Hillary Clinton, something very few (if any) of them are likely to do. Otherwise, no Republican anywhere in the country should be safe from being chained to Trump as the Great Blue Wave of 2016 fast approaches.

After eight years of selfish and destructive obstructionism against our beloved President Obama, they truly deserve nothing less.


  1. Kristoff wrote about 'lies' in the Sunday NYT. But even he doesn't get it. They're all blaming the email situation on her.

    To be 'totally honest' in commenting about the emails would take at least five minutes and put everyone to sleep, and she always gets asked. This one is that she 'wrongly' said Comey found she'd been truthful, obviously referring only to the results of the actual investigation.

    Comey said they found no evidence she lied to the FBI, which to normal people means she told the truth to the FBI.

    So what if she'd said, 'they found no evidence I lied,' would that make her response true, or would it sound to normal people like she was bragging about getting away with something?

    Comey ought to have just said she told the truth to the FBI, rather than 'no evidence she had lied.' And when he said she was careless he ought to have said that the State Department, in his careless opinion, is careless.

    But he also volunteered his opinion that the fact that there was no evidence of hacking didn't mean there had been no hacking.

    With that, how is she supposed to tell the public the FBI investigation confirmed she told the truth, without that being called a 'lie,' even though she did tell the truth and even though the FBI investigation that took more than a year found no emails that has been "marked classified?"

    It's not Hillary who parses words, her words are routinely parsed.