Thursday, August 11, 2016


This stunning new TIME cover perfectly captures this bizarre and terrifying moment in our nation's history. No sense (eyes, nose and earholes missing) just a fixed scream from a mouth that is unaffected by the meltdown taking place everywhere else. Perhaps most disturbingly, even his pitch-black surroundings are dripping, suggesting that this meltdown is affecting us all.

This cover is nothing short of a work of art, and will likely go down as the most memorable cover of the entire 2016 election.

Regular readers of Hillary HQ may wonder why I rarely devote full pieces to Donald Trump. The reason is two-fold:

1. The guy completely revolts me, and what he's doing to our country makes me sick. I literally can't bring myself to write about him most of the time, because frankly I don't think he's worth my time. I'd much rather write positive stories about Hillary, keep up with her daily activities on the campaign trail, report on polls, and help her win. That's the area where this website can do the most good right now anyway.

2. There is an ever-gushing fountain of anti-Trump stories on the Internet and social media, so it hardly seems necessary to add my two cents every day. And even if I was forced to write about Donald every day, it would usually just be a variation on "can you believe this?!". So the best bet is to simply keep sharing these stories on Twitter and Facebook whenever they pop up. I realize that this steady stream can be exhausting and infuriating, but it's important for us all to keep sharing these stories until Trump is defeated. He must be shamed, embarrassed and ultimately disqualified for the horrific campaign he is running. The good news is that we're entering the home stretch, and after November 8th, I greatly look forward to rarely (if ever) sharing anything about Donald Trump ever again!

But if you do want to read my current thoughts on Trump, I recommend this post from the day after he secured the nomination back in early May. The title and content still hold true today:

Trump Stinks...but Hillary Will Take Out the Trash This November


  1. he's our 50 state strategy and he is destroying the right wing of the Republican party by being so explicit. He's also slowed the media misogyny, they can hear Donald in their negative HIllary bias and they have become more ashamed. Don't expect it to last, but Donald is holding a mirror to their souls and they do not like what they see reflected.

    1. Enough damage has been done to insure a Clinton win, now it's all about a landslide that brings the House along with it.