Monday, August 29, 2016

Leaving a Bad Taste Already


  1. I want to say something about Huma's marriage and how of all the offensive things said by Donald, his comments about her marriage are near the top. Anthony is such an easy mark, taking pot shots over Huma's and Anthony's tragedy is worse than tacky.

    I get Anthony's charm, I didn't see the documentary, but I did see the documentary about it, and he's got a seriously sweet side and a neurological handicap, a kind of tourette's that makes him take risks, the ones that expose himself to humiliation and don't hurt anyone else (outside the social approbation part, which is hardly what matters in life).

    I know she has to leave him, but I bet she also knows he can't help himself, and I bet he makes her laugh, or that he used to before they had the kid.

    I don't think he has the malice gene. I don't think hate is something that works in him. It's edges that bother him, he has to cross them.

    To stay with him she'd have had to give up her career, in order to make him less interesting to the press, and with no guarantee that he'd not find a way to get more interesting.

    He probably always had ADHD, he probably needs to be on a stimulant so he can stop stimulating and get some rest.

    I feel sad for them, i wish them both well.