Thursday, August 11, 2016

LANDSLIDE ALERT: Clinton and Trump Essentially Tied in South Carolina!

(Sean Rayford/Getty Images)
Yes, you read that headline correctly: deep-red SOUTH Carolina is just about tied!
PPP's newest South Carolina poll finds that the state is trending toward being competitive in the Presidential race this year, just like in neighboring Georgia. Donald Trump has only a 2 point lead with 41% to 39% for Hillary Clinton, 5% for Gary Johnson, and 2% for Jill Stein.

The closeness is a function of Democrats being a lot happier with their party's candidate than Republicans are with theirs. Clinton is winning 84% of the Democratic vote, compared to Trump's 77% of the Republican vote. Although neither candidate is well liked by voters in the state Trump's favorability, at 38% positive and 56% negative, comes in slightly worse than Clinton's at 38/55. 
Just four years ago, it was unthinkable that South Carolina could be in play for the Democrats. But in yet another twist in this crazy year, here we are.

PPP also suggests that South Carolina will soon be the next North Carolina even if it stays red this time:
Whether Democrats end up winning South Carolina in the Presidential race this fall or not, the generational differences in the state portend well for the party in the decades ahead. Trump is only ahead because of a massive advantage among seniors in the state at 58/30. When you look at everyone in the electorate below the age of 65, Clinton leads Trump 41/36.
Alright, since the Clinton campaign is already expanding into Georgia...let's just go ahead and turn the entire Eastern Seaboard blue as part of a 400+ electoral vote landslide because Trump deserves nothing less! Sound fun?

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  1. trump is our 50-state strategy and he's destroying not just the Republican Party, he's shamed the media. The most recent non-story on emails has no play, and not only because Donald is taking up the oxygen... suggesting that those '2nd amendment people' are hair-trigger nutcases, prone to shooting fellow humans given 'the right' excuse, and so may well shoot the girl after she gets elected, or shoot her supreme court nominees, one by one (he's not sure, "I don't know," but, "maybe"). Really far more insulting to gun owners than to a rational female candidate and far more dangerous for those whose jobs it is to take a bullet for her.

    But the media tried to spin the email story, and Rudy and Donald shamed them away, from spinning it into more than the nothing it is (a first, eat that even MSNBC), because they spun it into outer-space, where only those in the tinfoil hats can take a breath and then another one.

    this is seriously funny, first he outs the media for wanting to publish and spin whatever Putin hacks, and now the 2nd amendment people are killers. We don't say that, we think most of them are just 'different,' we don't go around saying "guns don't kill people, 2nd amendment people kill people" (go figure)

    And I don't know about you Scan, but I think Julian is about to lose his sanctuary, if my name was Julian and I was hiding out in an embassy in London, I'd sure not want to piss off my babysitters by getting deliveries from Russia.

    Does he thinks he's just being a naughty boy? Does he really believe there are no limits for him, at all? Or is he so batso from being locked inside all that dark panelling, that prison in Sweden is looking attractive?