Monday, August 15, 2016

It's Joe Time! Biden and Clinton Rally Today in Scranton

I so wish I knew what was going on here.
After a bit of a delay, it's Joe time!
For Vice President Joe Biden, campaigning in 2016 looks a lot like 2008 and 2012 but with one big difference: He’s not on the ticket.

Biden passed on a run for the White House last year, and on Monday he’s to appear alongside Hillary Clinton for the first time to kick off his role as her chief envoy to the middle class and as a determined critic of Republican nominee Donald Trump. They are scheduled to campaign in working-class Scranton, Pa., Biden’s hometown.

Biden will join other Democrats who’ve cast Trump as unfit to lead, aides to the vice president say, and he’ll go further to aggressively counter Trump’s efforts to appeal to working-class voters, whom Biden has courted with success in his more than four decades in politics.

Aides also incorporated an even greater foreign policy component to the vice president’s planned remarks, given Trump’s scheduled speech on fighting terrorism later Monday. Biden will argue that Trump’s bluster and volatile rhetoric would make Scranton, and the nation, less safe, a spokesperson for the vice president said.
As his fiery DNC speech made clear, Biden will be an incredible asset across the country for both for Clinton and in the fight to retake Congress.

Scranton is unquestionably the perfect place to start.
Clinton and Biden share Scranton roots, making this former coal town a natural site for their first joint appearance. Biden spent his early days here before his family’s economic struggles prompted a move to Delaware; Clinton’s father was born here and worked for a time at a lace mill.
Live coverage begins at at 12:45pm ET, and I'll have the full video up at Hillary HQ later this afternoon.

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