Sunday, August 28, 2016

How can this be a "race to the bottom" if Trump has been there from the beginning?

As you may remember, a couple of things happened last week. First, Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a bigot. Repeatedly and without evidence. Then Clinton gave a widely-praised, fact-based speech using Trump and his supporters' own words to expose his connection to the racist "alt-right". And that's not even getting into the shameful ongoing smear about Hillary's health (btw, which candidate above looks healthier to you?)

In response, Chuck Todd tweeted this today:
And sure enough, he delivered on that premise.

One must ask though, how can it be a "race to the bottom" if Trump has been there from the beginning? His very announcement speech accused the Mexican government of sending rapists into the United States! Since then, there have been dozens and dozens of new reprehensible lows from Donald with no end in sight. But when Hillary factually points this out it's a "race to the bottom"?


Get ready, folks...because this "both sides do it" nonsense is going to be the prime directive of the media until election day. They will keep on tipping the scale as best they can to keep it a "horse race" until the very end, because of course they will. Heck, even the AP is publishing highly-misleading stories, lying on social media about their findings and not correcting it.

It's going to be a rough and upsetting couple of months. But the media can only polish the Trumpturd so much, and we're going to fight back every single day to make certain he loses.

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  1. Completely agree! Every time I see him and hear him (I try to never hear him) I see Hitler boots on the ground and what you call the alt-right but in real terms it is the re-emergence of fascism! Do you see the opts - flags - screens with his face baring down on you from above- hateful language and views on America and the world. A very sick person to go this low but as Michell Obama said "when they go low we go high". Keep up the great work and fight this guy tooth and nails.