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Hillary News & Views 8.22: Teen Vogue, Small and Large Donors, Dreamers

Guest post by swiffy

Today we begin with an essay Hillary wrote in Teen Vogue about today’s accomplished youth, who succeeded in various pioneering efforts.
Britain and Donovan aren’t outliers. They’re part of a rising generation that’s more diverse, open, and connected than ever. If you’re reading this, it’s a safe bet that you’re part of that as well.Everywhere I go, smart, driven young people are creating new ways to communicate, starting companies that innovate, and pursuing jobs that have an impact on people’s lives. They’re standing up to some of the biggest challenges in the world today, from income inequality to gun violence to climate change.
A smart former U.S. president—who happens to be my husband—once said there is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America. I couldn’t agree more. And your generation embodies everything that is most right with America. By harnessing your energy and ideas, we can solve many of the problems we face. So whether you’re already working hard to change the world or just starting out, here are three things you can do right now to make your voice heard.
Her list is
  • Find something you care about, and fight for it,
  • Learn from those who disagree with you,
  • Vote, and inspire others to vote too.
Politico reports on the campaign finance filings with a note about how a large majority of Clinton’s campaign contributions now come from small donors.
The campaign ended July with $58.5 million on hand, up from $44.4 million on June 30, according to its report released by the Federal Election Commission on Saturday. Its $52.3 million raised and $38.2 million spent were both the highest of any month this cycle.
Much of the fundraising strength was, for the first time, on the backs of small donors, with whom Clinton fared much better as she clinched the Democratic nomination. Fully 58 percent of the July haul came in checks of less than $200, compared with just 31 percent across the cycle.
The Cape Cod Times reports on a fundraiser jointly with Cher in Provincetown that attracted contributions from larger donors.
A crowd of about 1,000 delivered deafening cheers and applause Sunday at a fundraiser and rally for Hillary Clinton that raised more than $1.5 million, according to organizers.
The Democratic presidential nominee made a campaign promise at the event that few in Provincetown will forget.
When Clinton learned that the Pilgrims landed in Provincetown first before going to Plymouth, she said she would return to town for the 400th First Landing anniversary in 2020 either as a private citizen or as president, said Gabby Hanna, a Provincetown resident who attended the rally….
“Hillary was great,” Ritchie said. “She was serious, to the point and funny. She was warm. She’s a very warm person. And everyone was ecstatic she was here ... the spirit of the crowd must have lifted her too….”
“Cher was so brilliant,” Harrison added. “You just hang on her every word because you know she is going to crack you up.”
Other Clinton supporters in attendance included tennis legend Billie Jean King, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, U.S. Senator Ed Markey, former Congressman Barney Frank and Donna Lease Brazile, interim chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee.
Dreamers are turning out to volunteer for the campaign, as we pass the 4th anniversary of Obama’s initiative to pursue more reasonable immigration policy without the help of Congress.
Hillary Clinton supporters phone banked with Dreamers this week in Orlando on the 4th anniversary of DACA and discuss how it has impacted their lives. The group also unveaild “Mi Sueño, Tu Voto (My Dream, Your Vote)” aimed at “empowering DREAMers to organize and engage their communities, and secure commitments to vote for their future in November.”
“I could not put it into words how DACA has changed not only my situation, but my self-worth.” said Claudia Contreras, a DACA recipient from the area who helped lead the phone bank “I’m able to be hopeful about my future in this country, I don’t have to pretend anymore that I don’t want to do certain things because of my immigration status.”
Later today, Tim Kaine will appear at a Plumbers & Pipefitters event and the Ironworkers Convention, both in Los Vegas.
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