Monday, August 15, 2016

Hillary News & Views 8.15: Ball Dropped Edition

Guest post by swiffy

Good morning! I got totally mixed up last night and dropped the ball with today’s HNV. And to compound it I got totally side-tracked this morning and didn’t even get up a placeholder until now. My sincere apologies to everyone!
Late updates below:

Yesterday, Hillary released a statement to commemorate the 81st anniversary of the Social Security Act and state her strong support and defense of the landmark social legislation.
For eighty-one years, Social Security has been America at its best. It reflects our shared belief that every American should be able to retire with dignity after decades of hard work. That no American should face poverty because he or she is disabled. That we are stronger together.
Social Security benefits 59 million Americans today—but Republicans are relentlessly trying to attack and undermine this bedrock American guarantee. They want to cut benefits and gamble seniors’ retirement security on the stock market through privatization.
And Donald Trump is no different—just look who he chose as his running mate. Mike Pence spent his time in Congress championing efforts to dismantle Social Security—and to privatize it even faster than President George W. Bush and Paul Ryan proposed.
We cannot and we will not stand for that. When I served in the Senate, I helped lead the fight against the Bush privatization scheme. Instead of cutting or privatizing Social Security, we will defend and expand it.
When President Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law, he said it ‘represents a cornerstone in a structure which is being built but is by no means completed.’ Social Security works, but we can make it better. Millions of women—and men—who are widowed or who take time out of the paid workforce to raise a child or care for a sick family member are being left behind. As President, I’ll expand benefits to cover these hardworking Americans, because no one should have to live in poverty because their spouse died or they did the vital work of taking care of a loved one.
Social Security isn’t just a program—it’s a promise. And I won’t stop fighting until every American shares fully in that promise.
On Saturday, Tim Kaine campaigned in Manchester, NH, focusing on Clinton’s economic program. He also raised the issue of releasing tax returns for transparency to the public.
Hillary will campaign in Scranton, PA later today with Joe Biden.
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  1. the press is having such a hard time with Hillary, it's like they are just getting to know her, over the cartoon they'd drawn and thought was she, but then they go back to their own version.

    I liked the story about how she was the breadwinner and Bill got to be the schoomzer when they were first married, right after Chelsea was born. She had to be the practical one, but she also did the good works, and did the mommy thing, and never whined. It makes sense to me, as someone who was in the same financial situation, that she'd want to earn as much as she could when she was out of office, since the window wasn't big (or she planned on it not being big). but the presses are still doing the email stuff, yawn, and the thing on Whitewater is apt, no one recalls what started it, but it gives the little brains a chance to claim she brings it on herself, when they can't say what the 'it' is that she's brought. So predictable for thin thinkers.

    now it's that she's progressive but doesn't hate blue collar Republicans, so she'll win without a mandate for her progressive policies, the one's she's spelled out and asks all of us to hold her accountable over.

    This isn't Donald's fault, they were writing stupid before Donald showed how stupid it is by making it 'huger.'

    I am so glad she's cheerful and upbeat, among so many uninformed yet sanctimonious.

  2. Yep, her (and Joe's) optimistic and energetic speeches were a wonderful contrast to Dour Donald's "everything sucks" address.