Saturday, August 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton Speaks and Answers Questions in Washington, D.C. (8/5/16)
It looks like Hillary Clinton is turning a new leaf with the general election by doing something she rarely does: talking to journalists.

And even more remarkable, the conversation focused on one of the most important issues of the moment: race.

The Democratic nominee hasn’t held a formal news conference in more than 200 days. But on Friday afternoon, Clinton broke the mold, engaging in a Q&A with black and Latino journalists at the conference for the National Associations of Black Journalists and Hispanic Journalists in Washington, DC.

"I want you to hold me accountable, because the stakes are as high as they’ve ever been in our lifetime," Clinton told the audience. Her Republican rival, Donald Trump, was also offered an opportunity to speak but declined.
Clinton was also asked about her damn emails again (because of course she was) and it became the main news out of this event (because of course it was). Her answer seems reasonable enough to me, but it's absurd that she has to keep answering the same questions on this even after being cleared by Congress and the FBI. It's like she's trying explain something over and over again to a bunch of kindergarteners who can't quite understand what she's talking about.
Sigh...this too shall pass. Watch the full speech and q&a above.


  1. it's the truth double-standard, she said that Comey found her truthful, but he didn't say it that way, he said she had not lied to the FBI.

    But he then made his own mistakes, agreeing that there were discrepancies in his opinion in what she told the public, and there weren't but he thought there were. She said no emails marked classified at the time, and that is true. She said she didn't want to juggle two blackberries at the same time, she didn't claim to have never upgraded.

    His volunteer opinions were his opinions and he didn't say she was truthful, he implied that she wasn't.

    Someone should just tell her what they think was a lie? She might simply ask them, what lie are you referring to, spell it out!

  2. PLEASE....These Email Questions.....Make it STOP. ENOUGH. No Answer from Hillary is Good Enough for the Media. Lets Start asking Questions from the Bush Mafia about Emails....Shall We.