Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hillary Clinton Rally in Philadelphia (8/16/16)

Allentown Morning Call:
A raucous crowd welcomed Hillary Clinton to Philadelphia on Tuesday afternoon as the Democratic presidential candidate urged supporters to register their friends and neighbors to vote.

People packed the gymnasium of West Philadelphia High School to see Clinton in her return to the city where she cemented her candidacy at the Democratic National Convention in July. Even though she was surrounded by supporters in a city that's historically been a Democratic bastion, Clinton repeatedly called on those in the room to make sure they and everyone they know turn out on Election Day.

"Even though we're doing well, I'm not taking anybody anywhere for granted," she said to roars. "We're going to work hard for the next 85 days, but we can't do it without your help."

To promote the local canvassing effort, Clinton brought in some local celebrities. Mayor Jim Kenney and U.S. Rep. Bob Brady were among her introducers, and hip-hop artist Freeway mingled with supporters volunteering for the Clinton campaign in the school's cafeteria...
In a wide-ranging speech that lasted 25 minutes, Clinton talked about her intent to create universal pre-kindergarten, make community college tuition-free and invest in America's infrastructure to support economic growth.

To pay for it — and in a nod to backers of former rival Bernie Sanders — "we're going after the super wealthy, we're going after Wall Street, we're going after corporations to make them pay their fair share," Clinton said.

Clinton revisited some of the verbal attacks she and Vice President Joe Biden made against GOP candidate Donald Trump during a Scranton rally. Biden told his hometown crowd Monday that Trump was unqualified to be president.
Watch the full speech above. The audio is a little rough at first, but it clears up around the 8-minute mark.

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