Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Clinton Leads Trump by 15 Points in Wisconsin

Donald Trump's longshot options for reaching 270 are running out quick.

Although few were expecting Wisconsin to be a battleground state this year, the new Marquette University Law School poll (the gold standard for the state) pretty much shuts the door on that idea. In a four-way race, the story is similar: And it's also great to see Russ Feingold surging. It will be a great day indeed when this progressive champion returns to the senate.


  1. this is great, but my favorite is Georgia, that could change the South.

    Hillary is campaigning for everyone, she's not one of the judgmental progressives, who thinks the under-employed and disrespected working class brought it on themselves by voting against their interest, she knows they'd been tricked or written off. And she does not think Trump's racist whistles are what attracts them, she knows it's not the people who are racist, but the Republicans who divide and blame to get groups fighting with each other so as to not noticing where the real problems are.

    She gets that he speaks in 'blue collar rough,' trying to sound like them, and gets disrespected by self-proclamimed elitists just like they get disrespected, and I am talking about Republican elitists, who gave them only pandering and empty promises.

    That is his base, they identify with him in that way, but since his plans are now exactly like his and their 'abusers,' even though the self-proclaimed elite Republicans continue to disrespect him, he'll lose them to Hillary. It's starting with their wives.

    Hillary isn't using them, she does have concrete plans to revitalize the communities where they have sunk generations of roots, Native American, African American, Asian American, European American and historically diverse all face the loss of good blue-collar jobs and want their kids to have opportunities without needing to migrate and leave their roots behind.

    so, when she says, subsidizes for apprenticeships, those jobs she talks about, that can't be outsourced, aren't slinging burgers and putting sprinkle toppings on soft ice cream, those jobs weren't lost, she's talking about welders, and plumbers, and pipefitters, and HVAC, and foundation repair, and electricians, and carpenters, and roofers ...... and organic farmers and providers of renewable resources, and ... she'll make it fun.

    their wives are explaining her policies, and Trump has swung away from his original message that first attracted them, he's now for the same old same old that has sunk them deeper and deeper into no more opportunities, under each Republican administration since Reagan started the slide.

    1. I really think Georgia AND Arizona are gonna go our way...and we'll just keep building the map from there!