Monday, August 29, 2016

Arizona Poll: Clinton 40% Trump 39%

A new poll out of formerly deep-red Arizona finds Clinton leading Trump by 1 point:
Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is neck and neck with Republican nominee Donald Trump in Arizona, according to a recent poll conducted by leading behavior research polling company, OH Predictive Insights.

In a survey of 728 likely Democrat, Republican, Independent and Non-Declared voters across Arizona, based on projected 2016 general election turnout, Democrat Hillary Clinton is leading by 1 percent, which is well within the margin of error over Republican Donald Trump.

In the last six presidential contests, Arizona was won by a Republican five times. The last Democratic candidate to carry Arizona was Bill Clinton two decades ago in 1996.
And that's not all:
That's...impressive. Clearly the Clinton camp thinks they can win Arizona and are serious about doing so.

If the race continues to be roughly a tie until election day, the Clinton ground game could definitely put her over the top...and if it takes down McCain and Arpaio along the way, so much the better!

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  1. there are two reasons for 50-state and focus on Arizona and only one of them is that she could get it. The other is setting up the ground organization, that she will keep going through the mid-terms and no end in sight, that will be recruiting talent to run in local elections and to work for campaigns, and for local think-tanks for the local problems.

    She wants to find and support candidates that will get involved in helping people's lives, she wants constituent service to be the main part of the offices. She wants to keep the Democratic volunteers busy and engaged in doing important things, like tutoring programs, and like text-book exchange programs, and like having Democratic Party tech libraries, open 24/7 for students to utilize resources, staffed with volunteers.

    And if she also happens to win, great, but that isn't the main point. The main point is building political infrastructure that can positively impact lives on the local level. She believes there is a lot of unused knowledge and skills and that Democrats are Democrats because we want to help our fellows, we like to share, and we only need the infrastructure, and we can then put ourselves to work.

    The coal miners don't believe her, now. She's a girl, she'll have to show them. She will, you can take that to the bank.

    The Democratic Party under the girl candidate is turning into a service organization and an education/training organization.

    And it's very cool.