Monday, July 18, 2016

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Speaks at the Annual NAACP Convention (7/18/16)
Hillary Clinton on Monday called for "all good people" to speak out "loudly and clearly" against violence after the killings of police officers in Baton Rouge.

"This madness has to stop," Clinton said at the annual NAACP conference. "We have difficult, painful, essential work ahead of us to repair the bonds between our police and our communities and between and among each other."
The speech kicked off a series of counter-programming events to the Republican National Convention. Clinton will be speaking at five events total during the first two days of the Republican National Convention.

"We all know about that other convention happening up in Cleveland today. Now, my opponent in this race may have a different view, but there's nowhere I'd rather be than right here with all of you," she said.

To close, an emotional Clinton quoted the Facebook post of one of the officers killed Sunday in Baton Rouge. "He wrote so honestly and powerfully about the struggle of being black and wearing blue in today's America," Clinton said. "That, my friends, is the strength of America. Men like Montrell Jackson."
Watch the full speech above and read the transcript here.

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  1. Bill Mahr pointed out she hadn't voted FOR the war, but for that authorization, the stick that made Saddam open up to the inspectors, and pointed out she was representing new york, so even if she were certain he had no WMD, she still had a stake in making sure she was right.

    Rudy is on TV now, he promised Donald will do for the nation what Rudy did for NY before 9/11, I guess that means having command central in the most obvious target that had been targeted once before, and having different communications systems between the police and the fire fighters, and one that didn't work for the firefighters, so the fire fighters were sent into the buildings so they could die, while the police had been informed it was too late, and they had to get away, and help the people on the streets get farther away.

    I can't believe that arrogant incompetent is flapping his gums and promising the same incompetence with Trump, which at least is prescient, or would be if Trump stood a chance.