Wednesday, July 6, 2016

VIDEO: Clinton Eviscerates Trump's Business Record in Atlantic City (7/6/16)

Some of the best and most satisfying speeches this year by Hillary Clinton have been those focused on eviscerating Donald Trump, and today's stemwinder didn't disappoint.
Hillary Clinton used the backdrop of Atlantic City, New Jersey, on Wednesday to slam Donald Trump and one of his most high-profile surrogates, the state's governor, Chris Christie.

"If your governor will start doing his job instead of following Donald Trump around, holding his coat, maybe we could really get New Jersey's economy moving again," Clinton said to cheers from the crowd.

Clinton is spending time in the city where Trump developed casinos in an effort to highlight what her aides are calling Trump's "fraudulent business history."

She hit Trump for "multiple bankruptcies, stiffing contractors and spurring hundreds of job losses" during his time owning casinos in Atlantic City.

Clinton appeared in front of Boardwalk Hall, the city's old convention center, and was introduced by a small business owner who the aide said was hurt by Trump's business practices.
Clinton's speech was previewed this morning by an equally tough video from her campaign. If today is indication, Trump will truly be in a world of hurt all throughout the Democratic National Convention...and that's still just the beginning of his troubles.

Watch the full speech above and the campaign video below.


  1. she keeps on going, nothing has ever stopped her from doing her job and her job is now to beat trump.

  2. Just like a Timex - takes a licking and keeps on ticking! Go Hillary!
    Can't keep a good girl down!

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