Friday, July 15, 2016

Trump/Pence 2016: The Worst of Both Worlds

Like just about everything else that Donald Trump has been a part of over the last few months, his running mate rollout is an unmitigated disaster that is still unfolding.

For one thing, there's the "suggestive" logo that was unveiled shortly after Don's announcement, which will remain a punchline forever...even if they change it. But please guys, don't change a thing!

Even more astonishing is the news that Trump was up until midnight making frantic phone calls seeing if it was possible to change his mind...even after asking and accepting Pence as his running mate. And this guy wants to get his hands on the nuclear codes?
It remains to be seen whether this situation gets even more absurd (surely) or even if Trump ends up changing his mind before the convention (wouldn't surprise me). But the real long-term problem with Trump/Pence is that it's the worst of both worlds for them.
A big selling point of Trump was that he wasn't beholden to the Republican establishment or extreme conservative ideology. Well, his choice of VP just blew a massive hole in that and the Clinton campaign immediately drove right through it:

As for Pence, he'll have to defend his choice to share the Republican ticket with a confirmed lunatic over and over again for the next four months. I mean, that's basically all he'll be doing.

As an example, look at this tweet from last December:
Trump will likely get most rank-and-file Republican voters to support him in the end. What he really needs is strong support from independents, and the choice of Pence will hurt him there...possibly by a lot. For this reason, this decision by Donald is probably his most fateful of the entire campaign and it's really no wonder that he was trying to back out of it.


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  1. His first major decision is a screw-up? What a shock!