Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Running Mate Endgame Has Arrived

One of Hillary's most important decisions is about to be made:
Hillary Clinton is spending a rare day away from the campaign trail and the fundraising circuit, arriving at her Washington home on Thursday to pour through reams of research about potential running mates before she begins a final series of interviews and appearances with her top vice presidential choices.

The list of contenders Clinton is seriously weighing is believed to be fewer than five, several Democrats familiar with the process say, and all contenders are not on equal footing. She has a preferred candidate or two in mind, CNN has learned, but intends to keep her options open until Donald Trump reveals his selection.

Clinton is leaning toward announcing her decision immediately after the Republican convention ends on July 21. But aides say she is leaving open the possibility of waiting until Democrats are already gathering for their convention in Philadelphia the following week to disclose her selection, hoping to stoke drama and build interest in the Democratic ticket.
I've long believed that the smartest day for this announcement would be Friday, July 22nd, and it looks like that's when it will happen. According to CNN, the two most likely choices are Tim Kaine and Elizabeth Warren, with Sherrod Brown, Tom Vilsack and Tom Perez in the next tier. Like Warren, Kaine will get his own rally tryout alongside Clinton in Virginia next week.

Somewhat surprisingly, it appears that both Julian Castro and Xavier Becerra are "no longer thought to be in serious contention" and:
Clinton's top aides say the process has moved past the time where deep dark horses and wild card picks are being considered. Yet she does have the luxury of waiting to see Trump's running mate before revealing her own because the Republican National Convention takes place first this year.
If this is to be believed, the Hillary Clinton/Al Franken dream ticket may well have been eliminated as a possibility. But as I keep hearing, "those who talk don't know and those who know aren't talking". Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, there's this headline: Trump Campaign Floats Ivanka as Vice President

I think it will end up being Trump/Gingrich...but nothing, seriously nothing...would surprise me at this point.

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  1. I still think she'll pick Julian, for his youth, energy and smarts. I think she'll be looking for a workhorse, similar to her.

    and Du Trumpster will pick Chris Christie. Joy Cho will vote for trump if she isn't being ironic, but he's really the funniest candidate one of the two major parties has ever ever ever selected, and there have been some doozies.

    He's so cracked, and attacks so many that his attacks on Hillary are diminished in the eyes of Republicans. It's so cool, the way he draws the talk to him, and steps on Comey's message.

    I know we're not dissing him for being a prick, we're praising him because the Republicans are after him on account of not being delusional, but I still see him like a Roberts, he's on a side, he's just subtle and doesn't go too far (meaning farther than he can get away with, and scolding girls is still considered 2016-fine) but wow.

    Still he had to dial it back when he found out that not only were those three (c)'s only in the body of the emails and not the header, they were the mistakes, and he hadn't checked with state when he saw them, so for all he knew it was cut and paste and they skipped the (a) and the (b). And if he'd checked they would have told him. And we still already know that the 'matter' was the drones, State already said that, (although I was wrong, I thought that the indicators would have been in the body of the news articles, the idea that he used 3 (c)'s to prove she ought to have known is really strange, and he ought to have known to check it with state before he went on TV and said what he said.)