Tuesday, July 19, 2016

#RNCinCLE Day One: A Multi-Level Unhinged Disaster

Possible highlight of the evening...if you can believe it.
Long before night one of the 2016 Republican National Convention was done, right around the time that the words "Hillary for prison" began to be uttered from the stage, this was my thought:
This is not hyperbole. Last night had the feel of a deranged and inflated Reform Party convention circa 2000. Simultaneously, defeat and boredom were in the air all evening:
I actually went to sleep early last night (right around the end of Joni Ernst's address) thinking that Melania Trump's speech was perhaps the only non-disastrous part of the evening...only to wake up a few hours later to see it blowing up into a huge scandal. But let us not forget the other offenses of the night, of which there were a great many:
Yes, the media loves 'gotcha' stories and Melania's plagiarism is certainly a huge embarrassment. But it doesn't deserve to drown out the far more sad, false, exploitive and shameful aspects of the evening which need to be exposed and condemned:
Will night two be any less of a Trump trainwreck? I feel like it has to be, because I've never seen anything worse than night one. But since the big headliner is Ben Carson, who knows. Whatever the case, I'll be live tweeting it once again...so I hope you'll join me!

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