Friday, July 22, 2016

#RNCinCLE Day Four: The Death of a Party

Let me be honest with you for a moment.

By yesterday afternoon, #RNCinCLE was starting to get me down. Apparently, being exposed to that much hate and negativity day after day can do that to a person. I even started to wonder if maybe ...maybe... Donald Trump might even have a small chance of winning.

This sour feeling lasted until about 10 minutes into Donald's awful, miserable, dire, shouted, boo-filled screed, when I realized that swing voters across the country were already tuning out. I am positive that the American people will not elect a red-faced maniac who screams at them that everything is horrible. That's just not who we are as a nation. We are better than that. And he just gave the Democrats a huge opening to successfully make a positive, substantive and uplifting case next week in Philadelphia.

Then I started to relax...even while continuing to be horrified for over an hour. Odd combination of feelings, I know. Anyway, thank God it's finally over!

A sampling of the reaction:

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